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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review & Recommendation: Possets Sicilian Seduction (7 Gelato Flavours)

I got to try out a lot of Possets' Sicilian Seduction scents thanks to the awesome Ajevie and her decant circles. Seriously, she's awesome.

Check out how my decants arrived!

The only way I can afford to try out so many scents...

On each little vial, she has the brand, scent name, scent notes and the year it was decanted! If you have a perfume collecting problem like me, Ajevie is a godsend. I've purchased from Ajevie several times before and each time, I've always had a great experience. If she already has the scent on hand, it's shipped within a day or two. As for the decants, well, it depends on how long it takes for the seller to ship her order. Ajevie lets you combine shippings too, so you really save on shipping! I highly recommend her!

I got 26 scents so I'm going to split up my reviews into 3 (7, 10, 9 scents) to make them more manageable. In this review it's just 7 Gelato scents. I got all the gelato scents except Blood Orange, since citrus notes scare me a bit. A lot either smell acrid or dishwashing soap-ish. After getting a taste of Possets' quality, I'm honestly regretting not getting it so I could have my mind changed.

As always, I write the reviews and TL;DRs blind. If any of the scent notes surprise me, I write an overview.

Perfume Oil General Review

I have to say, I'm very impressed by Possets' quality. At this moment, I've only tried the Gelatos, which are all gourmands, and dang they're amazing. In on of the scents, I smell actual milk! Not "milk" where someone uses a creamy note, condensed milk smell, artificial milk or watery milk -actual milk. I'm impressed.

The throw is average for these scents. You can some notes waft up as you type if you dab it on your hand, but to get the full scent, you'll have to get into whispering distance. It stays at this strength for about 2-3h though. After that, it gets faint, but you can smell leftover traces of it on your skin for nearly 11-12h. Makes reviewing tons of scents at once kinda hard.

So on to scent reviews...


Fiore de Latte

"The name means "the flower of milk" or the very most essence of that divine drink. Again Possets explores cream but this time in a lighter yet highly lingering way. Such fun. Cream and a dash of salt, perhaps a bit of tuberose finds its way in here, Sugar. Ahhh, just grand summer delight."

Initially it smells better than Alkemia's Au Lait, and I swear it smelled like a nutty salted caramel candy on me. Then the artificial milky-caramel smell takes over and it ends up smelling exactly like Alkemia's Au Lait. I need to compare them side by side.

I see this scent recommended a lot, and at the same time, I see people saying it didn't work out on them. After trying it, I can see how this would get very mixed reviews. It's that artificial milky caramel-ish note, which Alkemia's Au Lait uses too -it's that condensed milk sort of smell. It's definitely one of those scents you either love or hate.

It smells like Japanese milk candies I used to secretly snack on as a kid (they're very round and big, and my mom always said no since she thought they're choking hazards so I ended up liking them more), so I love it! But I know my mom thought those candies smell disgusting.

I've noticed this particular note tends to go sour on some people too, so that's something to watch out for.

TL;DR: Caramel milk candies

Overview: I tried this scent and Alkemia's Au Lait side by side so I can figure out the differences. My Au Lait has aged a bit, and now it's teethering on going sour on me. It also has a stronger artificial caramel-milk scent than Fiore de Latte, so it's definitely going to provoke stronger reactions. They're both milk candy smells, but Au Lait is more of a Japanese milk candy where it's very strong, pure artificial condensed milk sort of scent (can be very cloying to some people), while Fiore del Latte is more of a European milk candy sort of scent where the artificial condensed milk taste is calmed down with the addition of salt, nuts, etc. I personally prefer Fiore de Latte.



"A ubiquitous flavor of gelato, and not at all like the pistachio ice creams in America this one has the suave character of roasted nuts, a dusting of great spices, and a rich thick bed of cream upon which to lounge."

This smells like a cherry liqueur, but a delicious one. The expensive kind that doesn't smell or taste like Nyquil. After about 10 minutes, it smells like cherry liqueur with thick, rich cream. The cherry gets fainter as time goes on, and it smells like an expensive gourmet candy with cream. I'm kinda surprised since I was expecting pistachio, but I like it!

After close to an hour, I finally got the pistachio smell. The good thing about possets is that at 1h, the throw is still at about whispering distance so you're not struggling to smell it. It smells like a coffee creamer with pistachio turkish delights on the side. And I'm talking about an actual coffee creamer, milk scent, not the romanticized kind. I'm so impressed with this, I've never had a perfumer nail that actual milk scent before. It's usually more artificial milk or watered down milk. This is actual milk.
Gotta share one of my favourite photos!
Awesome pic by Kimera Jam

TL;DR: Pistachio turkish delight served with a glass of milk.

Overview: I'm not really sure where the initial cherry liqueur smell come from. It could be one of the notes morphing on me, but I haven't encountered that smell in other Possets' scents, so I'm not sure about this.


Profound Lavender

"Lavender and chocolate are fully explored in one gelato store which I will remember forever. What a full and amazing flavor combination, like nothing you ever tried before. Since this was Sicily, nothing was spared. A fabulous experience. Not sweet just glorious."

Ok, there's lavender in this, but there's actually a sweaty dude smell. I swear. This is going to sound racist, but I swear different races smell different to me when they're sweaty. And dudes smell the strongest. Regardless of race, men are just stinkier than women.

If I have to guess the race of this sweaty dude smell, I'll go with Middle-Eastern, Turkish or Mediterranean. It smells like a Middle-Eastern, Turkish or Mediterranean dude wearing a cologne that has lavender in it, after se- um..exercising. I asked my sister and she described it as, "Sweaty Middle Eastern guy. I kinda like it."

So it's not just me!!! Apparently genetics play a part in how different people smell to you, so you may guess a different race/nationality. I'm going to stop now. Here, have some eye candy.

I spent 1h looking at photos of hot male models. Just so I can find the perfect one for you guys, of course. Yup, that's right.
Awesome pic by Kathleen Minerve

It's actually a pretty hot scent, only after it dries down after an hour, the cologne smell disappears and I smell like I've just a bunch of sweaty dudes. I actually texted my guy immediately to tell him about this perfume to prevent any potential misunderstanding.

Cropped to remove couple-y grossness

TL;DR: Somebody talk, dark and handsome with smouldering eyes, who's wearing a lavender-ish cologne, right after...exercising. There, I sound less racist. I hope.

Overview: I tried this out on my guy friend, and the smell of cumin and Middle Eastern curry immediately exploded. His gf told him to sit further away from her. As it dries down, it gets sweeter and ends has a more men's fragrance sort of smell, but it's still a lot of Middle Eastern curry. It's actually a scent I smell a lot on men in Dubai.

I just want to add, I really hope nobody ever makes Sweaty Middle-Eastern/Turkish/Mediterranean Dudes flavoured ice cream.


Riso Des Anges

"For sugar and carb nuts, this famous Italian flavor celebrates rice and sugar in ways too sinful to recount. Just the utter bliss of cream and that indescribable feel of carby goodness."

Based on my crappy Italian, I know Riso is rice and rice is actually one of my favourite gelato flavours (if you're ever in Florence, try that flavour in Perché No!...Vivoli's another awesome gelato place too, but they didn't have a rice flavour then). That's why I was surprised that this has the most amazing baked smell ever. Actual baked smell! You feel like you're in a bakery!

TL;DR: Freshly baked nutty biscotti with nuts I can't identify in it.



"This is what chocolate chip ice cream would be like if it were perfect. A wonderful creamy vanilla gelato is drizzled with a dark bitter dark chocolate and left for just a few seconds. During that time the chocolate hardens. When the churn starts again, the chocolate shatters and is diffused into the mixture. It gives it a fabulous chocolate crunch and bitter backlash which is unmatched in any other form of "chocolate chip" ice cream. Stracciatella is a very special treat, done best in Sicily."

Holy crap this smells exactly like stracciatella, which smells like sweet cream and chocolates. After 10 min, there's a bit of a sunblock smell I can't really explain. The sunblock smell doesn't go away and gets stronger. There's a bit of stracciatella to it, but it's mostly drowned out by sunblock.

I was going to put a picture of sunblock but decided to put eye candy for those who swing the other way.  And I'm going to take this moment to extol the virtues of wearing sunblock..especially when you're outdoors and scantily clad.
Awesome photo by Martin Strauss 

TL;DR: A few drops of stracciatella ice cream dropping into a sunblock slathered body.

Overview: I'm surprised there's no coconut in this. Typically it's coconut notes that turn into a sunblock scent.


Strawberry from Syracusa

"You have not lived until you taste the strawberries in Sicily. What makes them so different and beautiful? The sun and the passion, that's what. Crush them and add them to gelato and the scent and taste is so glorious, your mortal body can scarcely contain the pleasure. Very fresh and not cloying at all."

Strawberry shortcake! The strawberry is bordering on smelling  room spray-ish at times, but there's an actual shortcake smell that's amazing. There's also a sugar cane smell to this. As time goes on, it turns more into a strawberry shortcake scented room spray with sugarcane.

Unfortunately, after about 25-30 min, this starts taking on a sweaty quality to the smell. I swear. It smells like a kiddie strawberry scented spritz on a sweaty child.

Kinda how a kid smells after an entire day wearing a flouncy princess dress.
Gorgeous pic by Ravena July
TL;DR: Strawberry scented spritz designed to appeal to girls ages 4-7, on a sweaty child.



" only Possets can do it. It is possible to have vanilla as a top, middle, and bottom note. I just did it. It is just a halo of vanilla as I have tasted it among the best of gelatos. Mmmmm. Vanilla was never so concentrated and so pure."

This smells like a slightly boozy vanilla cream with cinnamon. As it wears on, it starts smelling cake-y. Not the gross artificial cake, actually baked vanilla-cinnamon cake. It's so delicious.

TL;DR: Slightly boozy vanilla-cinnamon cake. Sooo hungry.

Overview: I was wondering why I got this scent since vaniglia is such a, well, vanilla scent. After reading the description, I remembered that I nearly didn't get this scent the first time too, but got curious about the "halo of vanilla". This scent is truly magical guys. Don't let the boring name scare you away.

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