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Monday, September 1, 2014

Review & Recommendation: Life's Entropy Lip Theory & Contour Stick Swatches

Some time ago, someone mentioned she was starting an indie brand on reddit, and I PM-ed her to ask if I can try out her products since I have spare cash and always love trying out new brands, especially if they're owned by fellow redditors.

And that's how I became Life's Entropy's (LE) first customer!

The message says:
Sorry for the long wait! Lots has happened since we last communicated. You were my 1st ever customer and I'm so thankful for that! I know everything was supposed to be $20 with shipping but I added extra!
<3 Jane"

I love her.

Customer Service

My TAT may be different since I ordered during special circumstances (Jane has not officially opened) but here you go:

  • Paid: July 21
  • Received: 18 Aug

International shipping to Indonesia usually takes 2-3 weeks, so this is pretty good. What impressed me a lot is that Jane was the one who messaged me to update me on the order status. I wasn't even worried and never messaged her about it since I'm used to long international shipping, but she took the initiative to let me know where my package was. So freaking impressed! Jane was also very sweet in every interaction, so that's definitely a HUGE bonus!

Packaging and Presentation

The little details count!
So neat and creative! I love it!

Contour Sticks Review

These are my first cream bronzer ever since I've always been scared of cream bronzers. I keep thinking they'll wipe off my make up, and I have really vein-y cheeks I like to hide under my foundation. I really have nothing to compare these to, but I like them! 

They're the same texture and consistency as my cream concealer (I use Make Up Store's) -thick and a bit sticky. They took some getting used to, but once I got the hang of them, they're so easy to use! I apply them as blocks of colour on my face, blend them out with a sponge, and they blend perfectly:

Blendy blend blend...taken under natural light on bare skin

Jane also picked the PERFECT colours for my skin tone. These are the face swatches: 





They blend into my skin so well! Now, on to LE's MIRACLE product...

Lip Theories

fussion, transformation, big bang theory, enzyme, vaccine, crystal violet

Oh, they look glossy in the  swatches since I took them immediately after application and didn't have time to wait for each colour to dry, but they tend to to dry into a sort of satin/semi-matte finish.

fussion, transformation, big bang theory, enzyme, vaccine, crystal violet

I love these guys. A lot. Like I want to compose an ode dedicated to them if I had any poetic talent at all. I didn't like the taste (some people said it tasted like nothing, I still tasted a lip product sort of taste), but the formula is so awesome, I can look past the taste. It's so, so smooth and applies amazingly! I didn't even include a bare lip swatch because they're so pigmented, it doesn't matter what colour your lips are! And they last FOREVER.

Check out how long they last!
You can see the satin/semi-matte finish I'm talking about.

They do transfer a LOT (my bf ended up with a pink face), but for some reason, the colour stayed put!

Btw, these should be applied more like a lip stain instead of a lip gloss or you'll end up with crazy bleeding. Using a concealer as a liner outside your lips will also help the colour stay put longer and make the line look more crisp, but I'm usually lazy and go without this, and had no problems at all.

I love using lip balm, but they tend to erase my lip sticks. So I decided to test out how many lip balm applications this product can take.

I forgot that between 10:45-14:00, I had coffee, breakfast & snacks. I thought I could wait for my plane food at around 3pm but nope...I'm too much of a pig.

It can take 4 lip balm applications, 2 meals, a cup of coffee and some snacks before fading. Holy crap this thing is awesome!!

UPDATE Feb 2015: Some people informed me they found the formula drying. I personally didn't find them too drying, and they're definitely less drying than all the other matte lipsticks I've tried, but it's something to take note of. The lighter colours also do not last as long as the darker colours, and I've been informed that some people encounter issues with the lip theories settling into fine lines with the non-traditional colours. I'll be purchasing those to try out soon.

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