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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: Luxe Body Care Co Bacon Lip Balm

I ordered some Luxe Body Care Co.'s bacon lip balms for my brother and got them for myself too to try them out. Their TAT is pretty great, and I got my balms shipped 2 days after I ordered.

I have to say, the packaging is great. First, it comes in a shrinkwrap seal.

And look how it looks when you open it!

I didn't push it up, it's actually twisted all the way to the bottom. I'm not sure how they get it to stick out so neatly like that, but I'm impressed! I also love how the scraped it smooth:

So packaging aside, I'm afraid I'm not too happy with the lip balm. It actually feels very waxy and drying on my lips. The scariest part is that when I lick it off, my tongue gets that sticky, dry feeling you get when drinking wine with too much tannin in it. I got so worried, I checked the site to see what's in it:
Retrieved July 3, 2014

Ok, everything should be safe. Maybe it's too much beeswax?

Taste-wise, I'm ok with it. The chocolate bacon flavour I tried is lightly sweetened with stevia and the chocolate taste is great, but I don't really get bacon. It tastes more like cooking grease with burnt bits...which is what bacon can taste like, but I guess I was expecting something a bit more fragrant. Maybe I've been eating too much prosciutto.

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