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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review & Recomendation: Femme Fatale Nail Polishes

So Femme Fatale has always been a company I'm in love with customer service-wise. They ship so fast, and Sophie's so sweet. Here's what I posted before on reddit:

I've ordered from Femme Fatale 3x now and omg, they're amazing. The first 2 times I ordered, everything shipped in less than 2 days and I got my stuff in less than a week (I'm close to Australia! Woot!). My mind's blown. That's already great but here's the rave worthy part.
I went to Australia and was staying about 1 1/2h away from Brisbane where Femme Fatale's located. I was going to go to Brisbane on Friday, a day before I fly out of the country. I figured I might as well order something and pick it up in person to save on shipping.Sophie was so incredibly nice and helpful when it came to coordinating the pick up. I even had an extra order to toss in last minute (less than 2 days before the pick up date) and she managed to get that in.
I didn't know how long it would take to drive from Hope Island to Brisbane, and I was with my family and friends who are all flaky and take forever to get ready, so I couldn't even give her a solid arrival time. I could only tell her I would be there around 12pm-1pm. She was ok with that and actually had someone wait for me for a full hour to hand me over my order!Oh and it gets even more amazing. I finally read the FAQs in the website and realized that their pick up times are only on Saturday. Crap. So she actually had to make special arrangements for me.I feel so bad and I'm so grateful for all that.
Sophie, you and the Femme Fatale team are amazing. I love you guys!

So yes, they're awesome CS-wise..but do you know they make AWESOME nail polishes too? They're on par with Cult Nails, and that'a huge compliment for me to give. My nail polishes usually chip within 2-3 days, but with Femme Fatale, they take 4-5 days to chip! It's a huge difference!

AND their thermals are so sensitive and change easily. I'm so happy!

I bought all the nail polishes below, except for Nightsong Grotto, which was a mini bottle free sample (I er..spent a lot..).

So here are swatches of their awesome colours:

Ring Finger: Nightsong Grotto
Rest: Gossamer Dust, a thermal polish that changes from yellow (warm) to orange (cool). It's this orange coming out of my cold, air-conditioned room in the morning! The middle finger turned yellow simply after I held it in my palms for about 10 seconds! I love how sensitive it is! MAGIC.

Left: Cold water
Right: Normal temperature (+ a bit of cheating by sticking my fingers under my armpits to warm them up faster)


Midsummer Petals with Cult Nail's Tullum
Ring Finger: Midsummer Petals over Twilight Sorcery
Rest: Deepsea Charm

Ring Finger: Midsummer Petals over Deepsea Charm
Rest: Twilight Sorcery

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