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Friday, August 22, 2014

Review & Recommendation: Haunt Beguiling Bath & Body Perfume Oils

I finally had finished trying out all the perfume oils I got from Haunt! (previous Haunt review here)

These perfume oils were all gorgeously packaged as usual.

I'm keeping this one forEVER.
Apparently the brand owner does her own artwork..she's so talented! I'm really impressed by how pretty they are!

So the perfume oils..their throw is up to whispering distance, so you definitely don't need to worry about perfume-bombing everyone. I'm kinda sad about it though, since they smell so great, I want the entire room to smell it. I'm obnoxious in that way. One of the scents, Galleon, had a noticeably lower throw than the rest, and you have to practically press your nose to the spot you applied it on to, even before it dries down.

They last about 2-3h before they dry down and you have to smell close to the skin to catch a whiff. You still smell traces for about 5-5 1/2 hours though.

The amazing thing about these perfumes is that I liked all 4 of the perfumes I got. I'm only crazy in love with 3 scents, but I still like the other scent. I'm now pretty confident about purchasing Haunt's scents blind. They just suit me so well!

Packaging-wise, I really love the labels. The artwork is just so gorgeous! The bottles don't come with reducers or rollerballs though, so you have to be really careful when applying. Also, one of the bottles did this:

It's very stuck. I was tipping it and it stayed put.

That white bit got stuck hard and took some effort to remove. The perfume ended up spilling when I finally managed to peel it off, and there were white powdery glue (I think?) bits everywhere.

The cloth I used in the background is part of a dress I got from Biyan, one of my favourite local Indonesian designers. I think it really complements the pretty labels. 


"White melon, spiced coconut milk, sandalwood, myrrh, and golden amber"

This smells like a cool, cantaloupe candy. The iciness isn't one of those sharp, burns your nose kind of icy. It just gives this scent a coolness to it. After about 20 minutes, a bit of smokiness enters and gives this scent more depth. It now smells like a complex, cool, cantaloupe candy (I sweat the alliteration is unintentional). If you've tried Darling Clandestine's Pyroteknik, this is like that scent's good twin. They're both smoky melon candy smells, but Pyroteknik is fireworks and melon with smoke, while Dragonfly is a cool, deep, smoked melon embedded in ice.

You will not believe how many NSFW pics pop up when you search for "melons"
Awesome photography by Michael Shmelev

Overview: I'd expect a heavy, warm scent from reading those notes, but this is a cooler scent. It's not light and airy, and definitely deep, but it's more cool than warm.


"Golden bananas, creamy chai spices, jaggery, Indonesian sandalwood, vanilla pods, and dark rum"

At first it smells like artificial bananas, which kinda worried me. My boyfriend thinks it smells like banana bubblegum and he's right. The cheap kinds. But after about 10-15 minutes, it got really good. There's this cinnamon and wood resin smell that came out, and the banana smell just kinda blends into them to create an edible deliciousness. You feel hungry sniffing this, but you're not sure what you're hungry for. Is it something baked? A drink? It's something creamy but doesn't smell like a thick, heavy cream or a cool, light cream either. What is it?

I love this scent so much, but unfortunately, it has a noticeably shorter throw than the rest. You have to get closer to the skin to catch a whiff, even before it dries down. I tried wearing it out for a day while at a conference and people could smell my lip balm (Dreaming Tree Soapworks' Hobbiton Banana Bread) and cuticle oil (Pretty & Polished's Coconut Papaya), but not the perfume.

Overview: Definitely not surprised by the notes there. They really blend beautifully together. If you're expecting more of a banana smell though, you may get disappointed.


"The scent of apple orchards and dandelion fluff in the air, warm chamomile tea, linden blossoms, dried apricot, blue tansy, sweet clover, and rock moss"

This opens with an artificial apple smell that you often find in apple soaps. It's nice enough, only it smells a lot like a common hand soap in Indonesia.

This one. It smells exactly like this soap.
Image courtesy of

Then a lemon scent enters, which doesn't help it smell less like a liquid hand soap. My boyfriend and I agree it's a classy liquid hand soap you'll find in fancy hotels (the kind that goes beyond 5-stars and need their own snooty rating system), but still a hand soap.

Eventually, there's a calm, green note that surprisingly doesn't smell highly artificial, and some cool florals. It just blends in beautifully with everything else. Still liquid hand soap though. The fancy kind.

Overview: The apples is definitely prominent in this. I tried the scent again and the apricots aren't as obvious and just add a tartness to this that smells like lemons after it mixes with everything else.

Summer Crush

"Yellow mango drenched in fresh coconut cream, frozen lemonade, jasmine iced tea, Tahitian vanilla, golden amber and vanilla musk"

This smells like a pineapple-mango chewy candy, I swear it has that smell every chewy candy has. Only the fruits smell like actual juice instead of the artificial kind. If you've tried Alchemic Muse's Pineapple Milk, this is a higher end version. As the scent dries down, the chewy candy part gets a bit lotion smelling, but I still like it.

Overview: I guess mango, lemonade & coconut ends up smelling like pineapples!

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