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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review & Recommendation: Haunt Beguiling Bath & Body

I got my order from Haunt and they're incredibly gorgeous! First of all, they have gorgeous packaging:

I love the artwork. I'm saving all the containers! The two small spray bottles are FREE samples of skin glossing oils. I love freebies!

Secondly, holy crap this brand is awesome. I finally found my perfect fruity/candy scents. So a lot of fruity/candy scents tend to go artificial and gross, or smell like they're created for anyone below the age of 13, so I've previously decided that I hated "candy" scents. Then I tried Haunt. Wow. These just stay smelling like really grown-up candy. It's like candy that's gone through the kitchen of a Michelin star chef and come out absolutely, mindblowingly delicious, with a name you can't pronounce, and presented in a way that makes you too scared to eat it in case it's artwork instead of food.

Thirdly, their TAT is awesome. My order was shipped within 3 days! Some people who ordered later may have gotten longer TATs, but this brand is great with updating everyone via their Facebook page on the order status.

Finally, there is something magical about their oil. I'll get to it in my product reviews.

My only gripe with this brand is that they're so popular, everything sells out fast whenever they make a release. It's as bad or worse than Haus of Gloi's (HoG) seasonal releases. What makes it worse than HoG is that after they sell out, that's it. They have no general catalogue brand and no restocks. I'm planning to set an alarm for ever new release they'll have now. Screw you all, nothing's standing in the way of my Haunt goodies.

Oh, and their products tend to leak during shipping:

But I have this problem with a lot of different companies when it comes to shipping scrubs or other oily stuff, so I'm not too concerned with it.

Now on to product reviews (Part 1..I'll do the perfume oils in Part 2)...

Skin Glossing Oil General Review

Surprisingly my skin absorbs this in 15-20 minutes! After that, it's all gone! There's no oiliness at all and I can continue doing my stuff without turning my entire room into a slipping hazard. And you know what's amazing? My skin feels significantly better even until the next day. What the hell is this oil? It's magical! This is as good as HoG's pumpkin butters moisture-wize and if you've heard me rave on and on about those pumpkin butters, you know how big of a compliment this is.

I'm trying to be less of a fan girl and objectively try to think of some not so great things about this product, and all I can think of is that application also takes some getting used to (my bed got sprayed several times). It's really hard to think of anything bad about this.

Apricot Fairy Floss Skin Glossing Oil

(no description)

This smells like crystal apricots -light, tinkly, with an icy sparkle. The icy, spearmint smell in this is not the searingly painful sort of iciness that stings your eyes. It so subtle that it just makes this scent sparkle..if that makes any sense at all. The apricot can smell a bit over-ripe, but it's not enough to stop this scent from being amazing. Again, this smells absolutely delicious and grown-up candy.

Coconut Cream & Peaches Skin Glossing Oil

"Ripe peaches blended with fresh coconut milk"

This is so delicious! It's like a fresh, ripe peach. It's the type of peach that's ripe to the right amount - sweet yet not overly so, juicy and slightly tart. The coconut is not an in your face kind of coconut, it adds a creaminess to this scent, but isn't the most obvious note. This is just so delicious.

Mother-of-Pearl Skin Glossing Oil

"Pink watermelon slices, Tahitian vanilla bean, jasmine sambac absolute, pink pepper, sea water, Egyptian musk and driftwood"

Another grown-up candy smell. I can smell a bit of watermelon in this, but it's just so well-blended with everything else, this smells like the most amazing melange of fruity sweetness. This scent just makes me want to giggle and run around like a little kid. It's such a happy scent. 

Alva Starr Sugar Polish

"Sweet summer melon, iced peppermint tea, golden brown sugar, bourbon vanilla, pearl musk"

Gods this is grown up candy. It smells like a gourmet Starburst and I swear it has that smell chewy candies all seem to have. The notes are so well-blended, I honestly can't identify any of those even though I tried hard to sniff them out. It's a very happy smell and it's definitely hard not to smile since this just takes you back to when you're a little girl playing princess/CEO/big boss of the whole freaking universe. 
Dreaming of world domination...
Gorgeous pic by the very talented Petrova Julian

This is now my favourite sugar polish formula. It's a smooth, sugar paste that spreads easily, yet the oil is blended so perfectly that there's separation or stiffness in the formula. The sugar is a medium grain sugar, so it may not be exfoliating enough for some people. I use if daily now, so it's good enough for me.

Now this is the amazing part...the oil in this polish. You know the "milkiness" you get when you wet a Shu Umera oil cleanser? It feels like that when you're rubbing it on your wet skin. And when I wash it off, my skin feels softened yet without traces of the oil, just like when I'm using the Shu Umera oil cleanser. And I feel clean too! Some days, I skip soap and only use this scrub.

I'm so amazed. I'm going to stay up late and buy all her scrubs. I need them.

Lip Balm General Review

Isn't the packaging gorgeous? It's shrink-wrapped too!
After my amazing experience with the skin glossing oils and sugar polish, I end up with crazy high expectations for this. I'm almost expecting unicorns to come bursting into my room and offer to take me on a magic carpet ride to Neverland, with an English nanny who'll entertain me with songs about nonsensical words.

Well, it's an ordinary balm. Lightly sweetened, smooth and creamy, neither waxy nor's pretty ordinary. The scent disappears kinda fast (almost immediately after you put it on) and I was a bit sad about that since they were delicious and didn't taste weirdly artificial at all.

One minor thing that still impressed me anyway:

I love how neat the tops of their balms are. I'm ok with messy lip balm tops since it's common with indies, but a neat one definitely gives me a good impression.

Coconut Cream & Peaches Lip Balm

"Ripe peaches blended with fresh coconut milk"

I was curious if this will taste the way the glossing oil smells. Unfortunately no. The glossing oil has the peachy juiciness bursting out. This is a more mellow peach with the coconut equally strong.

Persian Melon Lip Balm

"Delicately perfumed honeydew and cantaloupe with a hint of crisp white cucumber"

This just tastes like a cool melon, but not the weird, cheap candy type of melon flavouring. I like it for the brief 1-2 seconds when I can taste it.

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  1. I tried Haunt's lip balms ages ago and I was impressed. I like their perfumes too. It is unfortunate they run out so quickly after restocks but I'm glad they are still open and offering their items. I remember a time when they closed.