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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: Lather & Lights Hair Products

In my quest to convert my entire beauty regiment to almost all indies, I decided to dive into indie hair care. The first company I tried was Lather & Lights (L&L), and I got a shampoo, conditioner & leave-in conditioner sampler set in the Banana Cream Pie scent. 

Customer Service

I had this sent to my brother so I have no idea about the exact TAT since he didn't pay attention to when packages arrive. All I can say is that I ordered on May 26 and my brother got it before he left for Indonesia on June 15. 

My order came with a lot of free samples of their body lotions (I er..spent quite a bit..), so I was pretty excited about that. Melissa from L&L was also nice enough to prioritize my order when I told her I needed my order to get to my brother before he leaves, so definitely impressed with the customer service.

So here's the review for the hair products...

Should've taken a picture before I used them...

Banana Cream Pie Olive & Honey Shampoo

Scent: This smells delicious! It smells like creamy bananas. A tad artificial, but still pleasant enough. As it rubs on, the banana smell goes and it ends up smelling like sweetened water (my sister says it smells like dates). I like it enough. My sister fell in love with this and says it feels and smell amazing.

Texture: The texture of the shampoo is like aloe vera gel -kinda stiff and slightly bouncy to the touch, but rubs in easily. It creates a nice low to medium lather. 

Does it work? It keeps my hair oil-free for about 2 days, which is the best any shampoo can do for my incredibly oily scalp. Some shampoos can't even keep my hair oil-free in a day! There's a bit of that squeaky clean feeling that makes me worry about the shampoo being drying. It's just very slightly squeaky though, and not enough to make my hair feel plasticky the way Clairol shampoos do.  My 2oz bottle only lasts me about 2 weeks since I was sharing it with my siblings. After those 2 weeks, I don't see/feel a difference. It's completely like my usual shampoo, only with a more awesome and wider scent selection..I'll definitely buy it again when I have the budget! 

Before I co
mment on the conditioners, I should mention that I have colour treated hair, and my hair has been bleached twice in 11 months. My ends have been dyed 6 times thanks to maintaining an ombré hair. My current hair care routine is also kind of intense.

Banana Cream Pie Brilliantine Cream

Scent: Ok, I don't know what the hell happened, but this smells like melted lipstick as soon as you rub it in. 

Texture: It's very thick in texture and apparently can be used as shaving cream. I used it as a shaving cream and well, it works. Like a normal shaving cream. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever encountered a bad shaving cream. What would a bad shaving cream be like? So thick your razor can't hack through it? Or so drying you have enough razor burns to fit into the cast of a gore movie?

Does it work? Well...while washing off, my hair didn't feel as silky as it does after I use my L'Oreal hair masks, even though this conditioner is just as thick (or even thicker). When I first switched my conditioning routine to this conditioner & the L&L leave-in conditioner, my hair felt dry and plasticky afterwards. 

After just one wash. 

I freaked out and decided to reintroduce my argan oil & CV Water Matrix leave-in conditioner the next wash. My hair felt soft again immediately, but that made it hard to figure out how effective this conditioner is. So I got my sister to try it since she's the perfect control subject -her hair has never been colour-treated, is short, and gets only normal conditioner and nothing else. She used it for about 1 week and quit. Even from day 1, she was complaining her hair doesn't feel silky afterwards and gets tangled a lot. I guess it's a nay from both of us.

Banana Cream Pie Leave-In Conditioner

Scent: This smells like a more plasticky version of the shampoo.

Texture: It's very light and reminds me of a runny hair gel. Disappears completely into your hair and only leaves a slightly sticky feeling on your palms.

Does it work? Unfortunately, I don't think so. After my disastrous first day of switching completely to L&L, I continued using this with my argan oil + CV Water Matrix combo. I don't really feel a difference. I tried using this with the L'Oreal hair mask, and my hair still feels significantly drier than when I used my usual after-shower care. My sister wasn't a fan either. This was the first time she started using leave-in conditioner, and this leave-in conditioner + the L&L conditioner wasn't moisturizing enough for her. Both of us agreed her hair ended up more dry and tangled.

I really wish I can like the conditioners, but unfortunately, they just don't work for me or my sister. I like the shampoo though!

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