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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tutorial: Tri-Tone Ombré Lips

I got asked to do a tutorial of my ombré lips look, so here you go!

1. Start with bare, freshly scrubbed lips.

2. Line the middle of your lips with the mid-tone colour. I start with the middle because I usually struggle with getting that part right...if you prefer starting with the sides, you can too.

3. Line the sides with the darkest shade.

4. Fill in the sides with the darkest shade and leave a sort of circular hole in the middle.

5. Fill in the middle with the mid-tone shade.

6. Blend. I blend with a tapping motion with the doe foot applicator, as if I'm painting with a sponge.

7. Dab the lightest shade in the middle.

8. Blend out using the tapping motion again.

Optional steps:

  • Fyrinnae's lip lustres are like a non-sticky gloss, so after a while, it doesn't look as crisp. If you want the line to stay crisp, line the outsides of your lips with a concealer.
  • I personally prefer a less manicured look for my lips. If you prefer that kind of look as well, you can either leave your lips alone and let the lip lustres get less defined on their own, or (if you're impatient or want more control over the look) gently tap your lip line with a sponge to get a more "blurry" look.