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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: Alkemia's Discontinuing 15 scents! Here's A Review for 5 Scents (Links to 8 More)

Alkemia just announced they'll be discontinuing 15 scents (some may be returning seasonally). It turns out that I have 5 of those scents that I haven't reviewed yet, and I've reviewed 8 of them before.  So here's the list of scents that will be discontinued, and you can click on the names to go to the review if I've reviewed them before:

All Hallow's Eve
Bellos Encantos
Blessed Bee
Deseo Ardiente
New Orleans Love Spell
Memoria Seductora
Sea Goddess
Seduction Cacao
St Louis Cemetery #1
Sugar Spell
Yule Rose
Yuletide Blessing

The only 2 scents that I don't own is St Louis Cemetery #1 and Sugar Spell. I'll review All Hallow's Eve, Blessed Bee, Seduction Cacao, Wildwood & Yule Rose below. For my previous Alkemia reviews, you can go to the Alkemia tag on the side or click here.

As usual, reviews are done blind until the TL;DR's written. If anything in the notes surprise me, I write an overview.


All Hallow's Eve 

"A scent of magic, mystery, remembrance, childhood nostalgia, and sweet blessings for darker times - bourbon vanilla, tonka, black licorice, star anise, roasted marshmallows, hazel, coriander, pale amber, cardamom, smoked benzoin, sweet myrrh, and woodsmoke whisping on autumn air."

This is a pretty complicated scent. At first, I only got smoke and that typical "eggnog" base that many different perfumers seem to like using. It's an artificial "eggnog"-ish scent that some people find cloying and is often labelled as either eggnog or marshmallow (sometimes even cream or vanilla...which is an insult to cream and vanilla). There's some woody spices mingled in this, as well as hints of liquorice –ie. the worst candy in the world. Once your nose has gotten used to/have shut down from the eggnog & liquorice combo, you get hints of a nutty sort of creaminess in this (similar to the nutty bit in Darling Clandestine's Carny Wedding).

I'm kind of torn on this...the liquorice mixed with that "eggnog" base is a big NOPE for me, so I'm tempted to trash this, but the sweet, woody spice bit smells very familiar and nostalgic. That bit smells like a Fall candle I must have smelled frequently as a kid. The smoke bit makes me the candle smell even more realistic.

TL;DR: "Eggnog" base, liquorice, and a Fall candle.


Blessed Bee

"A blend of three honeys - pure, sweet, golden, naked."

I like this. There's definitely honey, but it's more of a candied sort of honey and has a lemon sort of tartness to it, so it smells more like a lemon honey candy –where the scent is heavier on the candy bit. There's also this part that I'm guessing is supposed to be beeswax, but smells more like that cottony baby oil smell.

After about 10 min, something also starts smelling a bit like burnt cotton candy on me. The lemon honey candy mixed with baby oil scent is stronger though, so I don't mind it.

TL;DR: Lemon honey candy mixed with baby oil, with hints of burnt cotton candy.


Seduction Cacao 

"The unrefined, raw seduction of three different ultra dark cacaos ground together with a touch of musk."

There's definitely chocolate in here, and it's in between the smell of real chocolate and chocolate milk powder. There's also this soapy, absinthe/liquorice-ish sort of scent muddled into this. That's pretty much it.

TL;DR: Chocolate mixed with an absinthe/liquorice-ish sort of soapiness.



"A woodland blend of green amber resin, vetivert root, agarwood, green cedar tips, jatamansi, and dried leaves."

I get earthy green and wood, but more of a sweet earth kind of earth. Not the dirty type of earth. The green bit makes me think of long, dark green vines. The wood bit is more of a cleaned and polished wood floor type of wood, complete with a watery kind of clean smell.

Instead of wild forests, this scent actually makes me think of polished wooden floors in model homes that has never been lived in before. The kind that's so impeccably clean, you end up not daring to step on or touch any spot that the realtor hasn't stepped on or touch. It'll look something like this:

You just know you're going to scratch it in the first day.
Image courtesy of
If you're looking for a clean (almost clinically clean), light wooden scent, this is it.

TL;DR: Polished wooden floors in model homes.


Yule Rose

"A mystical alchemy of precious Roses, Balsam Fir, luminous Frankincense, and night-dark myrrh."

Pepsi candy with rose. I smell hints of something woody, but at first the Pepsi candy scent is the strongest. And yes, it'll have a fizz, but a very disappointingly little amount of it. The soft drink sort of base is similar to the scent in Alkemia's Yuletide Blessings, only in this scent, it's less fizzy and the increased sweetness makes it lean closer to Pepsi.

Eventually, the woodiness gets stronger until it becomes a woody rose candy with hints of Pepsi in the background. The rose is the type of rose that I've smelled before in mainstream perfumes/body lotions and called Damask Rose.

TL;DR: Woody rose candy with hints of Pepsi.

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