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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Review & Recommendation: All 6 of BathSabbath's Spring Scents

UPDATE: Virginia gave me a discount code exclusive for my readers! Use UNICORNHEART for 10% off any purchase until March 1st!

Virginia from BathSabbath let me buy an early preview of all 6 of BathSabbath's Spring scents! She's seriously awesome! I happened to be in the US only in December, and since that means I could save on shipping costs, I had to ask her if I can buy her spring scents early. She let me do that and since they're finally out, here's my review!

They're currently only listed in soap form and Virginia will be adding the perfume listings soon, but if you want them in perfume oil version now, you can message her. This is my 5th BathSabbath review, and for previous reviews, you can click here or on the tag on the right.

As always, scent reviews are done blind until the TL;DRs are written. If anything in the notes surprise me, I write an Overview.


Heart of the Unicorn

"Notes of Lily of the Valley and fresh Gardenia blend with sweet citrus on an aquatic base."

I'm trying to place my finger on why this scent is so familiar. It smells like a tart candy in the beginning, but starts turning into a citrus-floral room fragrance after about 5 min. It's a cool, clean sort of room fragrance, with thick, lush florals and that slightly searing room spray orange, with hints of wood. I'm personally not a fan of citrus type of scents, so I'm not too crazy about this, but I can see this being very popular. When I say thick and lush, I don't mean something exploding with florals...I can't identify what florals are in this, but it's the kind of scent that makes you think of white flowers with thicker petals and comes with a barest hint of floral bitterness.

I can see this scent in an Indonesian beachside resort/restaurant –the kind that's too sophisticated and chic to go too tropical.

This is the Uma by Como hotel...obviously located in Ubud (ie. hipster haven). I say obviously because the decor is relatively simple & cheap, but elegant. If it's extremely luxurious yet deceptively simple, it's in Seminyak (ie. 2nd home of all the rich Indonesians). If it's extremely trashy, it's Kuta...or as my Australian friends love to call it –Bogan Central. If it looks like a temple or old, it's in Nusa Dua –popular spot among older tourists and families with screaming kids.
Image courtesy of

That's it.

This is why it's so familiar. The cool, clean, thick, lush florals scent with hints of wood is the kind of scent that very popular in Indonesia as an ambiance fragrance. The orange smells like the room spray we often use in our bathrooms. The scent is like walking through an Indonesian beachside resort/restaurant, and walking past a bathroom where an overenthusiastic cleaner went nuts with the room spray.

TL;DR: Indonesian beachside resort/restaurant with orange room spray.

Overview: Yup, gardenias & lilies are popular parts of flower arrangements in Indonesia. I think the hint of wood is coming from the gardenia. I tried a pure gardenia perfume once and I described the scents of gardenia as "sophisticated, almost woody, light florals."


I Was Made For Loving You

"The refreshing scent of 100% pure Lavender. ( Perfume oil is a blend of lavender and vanilla absolute)"

I smell lavender (which smells like cool, blue florals), but it's sweetened to the point where it smells like one of those powdery, butter mint candies.

This is so delicious!

TL;DR: Butter mint candies.

Overview: I was definitely not expecting a lavender and vanilla combination to turn into butter mint candies. I love it.


Love Bites

"Notes of spicy ale with a touch of Lemon on a base of ripe Raspberries, all rounded out by the sharp sting of loneliness."

This scent definitely has a bite to it at first. Initially, there's a sharp, stinging sort of scent, but luckily it dissipated pretty fast on me. Now it smells like the most amazing fruity lemonade. The scent is "rounded out"  –definitely not powdery but makes you think of smooth and cashmere-like –which makes the scent more wearable as a perfume. Despite my usual dislike for citrus scents, this is something I'd totally wear. 

TL;DR: Fruity lemonade turned into perfume.

Overview: Huh...besides the initial sting, I wouldn't exactly describe this scent as spicy or stinging.


Love Stinks

"Hints of rich Vanilla on a base of pure cocoa."

I got a strong whiff of cocoa powder in the beginning, but soon it calms down into cocoa mingled with creamy chai. It's the kind of chai I've now mentally filed as "Starbucks chai" –mellowed out, mild and Americanized version of "chai" that's very different from real chai. The creamy bit is an eggnog sort of creamy.

TL;DR: Cocoa with eggnog-y chai.


Sacred Heart

"The sweet scent of Jasmine paired with classic Rose, and livened up with Bergamot and Lemon."

Oh this is the sweet, candied kind of rose. Initially, the rose was strong, but other scent enters to temper it. There's definitely lemon in this, and something fresh in a cool, herbal way. I really love this scent. It smells like being girly in a chic country cottage. I think this picture captures this scent best:

It's definitely very feminine, rather florid and obviously rose, but yet clean and light.

TL;DR: Being girly in a chic country cottage


Sweet Cherry Pie

"Notes of tart cherries on a base of vanilla and sugared almond."

I just know it'll be Nyquil since anything with cherry tends to smell like Nyquil to me. Yup. To be fair, it leans a bit closer to cherry candy since it has a bit of a powdery vanilla, and doesn't have that slight, bitter tang Nyquil comes with...but cherry candies smell a LOT like Nyquil.

After about 10-15 min, the scent moved from powdery cherry-vanilla candy, to cherry scented plastic toys, to this powdery, milky cherry scent that's actually not too bad. It definitely doesn't smell like Nyquil now. In fact, it smells like a lighter version of the powdery Nanette Lepore or twee sort of scents. Still one of those riskier scents that you either love or hate though. I personally found the cherries cloying, but that's just because I'm not a fan of artificial cherry scents.

TL;DR: Powdery, milky cherry.

Overview: I went in for a second sniff and yup, I can smell the almonds now –they're the powdery bit in this scent.


  1. These scents all sound wonderful! I just ordered a spring perfume vial sampler now. Thanks for posting the coupon code and a fabulous set of reviews, as usual. :)

    1. Thank you for reading! I really hope you like what you get!