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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review & Recommendation: MiniMint Palettes

UPDATE: Omg this blew up. Jenny's completely sold out of palettes within hours and needs time to make more!

If you love indie eyeshadows, high chance you have, have gotten, or will be getting the pressing fever. You'll probably want magnetic palette's so here's a brand I highly recommend - MiniMint's Palettes. First of all, they're gorgeous! Check out my haul here:
Yes! Jenny added a free BB cream primer & fake eyelashes!
The 4x4s

The 3x3s

Jenny's attention to detail is seriously amazing. I wasn't expecting so much attention to detail but every corner, every side, every detail is just so meticulously crafted. For the patterned designs, the back matches the front but for the non-patterned

Soooo pretty...

And check out the spine!

I don't know why the spine blew me away the most. It's such a small thing and I'm amazed she paid attention to it!

And the inside!

I picked a more muted design for the 3x3s, and Jenny appropriately chose classic, elegant designs inside. They're perfect. I never specified what I wanted inside but she totally read my mind.

Quality-wise, these are top-notch. The texture and binding is the same as a very expensive hard-cover book. The quality and beautiful artwork remind me so much of old hardcover storybooks I had as a kid, I got all nostalgic. They're also waterproof so you don't need to worry about ruining them in the bathroom. I've even accidentally smushed a lipstick on the inside of a palatte, and I could wipe the smudge off cleanly. 

What drew me to these palettes initially were their sizes - 3x3, 4x4 & 3x2 in. They're the perfect size to carry around and tiny enough to fit in any make up purse. They're even tiny enough to fit into some of the ridiculously small clutches I have!
Closes perfectly!

And even though they're tiny, they fit 16 of TKB Trading's 15mm pans, so they're now my must-pack item whenever I travel.

Yes, I can add lipsticks too!

I can't believe I used to travel with just 2-3 eyeshadow shades and 2-3 lip products. I'm so greedy now!

In case you're wondering how I get my lipsticks into the pans when the pans are too shiny to microwave, and pouring gets messy, this is how I do it.

And that's the extent of my cooking abilities...
I cut up my lipsticks, put it on the tin pans, and then heat the pans up on a frying pan. 

So yes, these products are awesome. And most importantly, the wonderful woman behind MiniMint, Jenny, is an absolute sweetheart and has the best customer service ever. I first contacted her because she only sells a limited amount of palettes at a time, which means that I'll find 2-3 palettes I want, purchase them, and then find 2-3 new palettes that I want the next week. I wanted to make her rich instead of USPS, so I asked her she could just send me all the designs she could make so I can order the palettes in bulk.

I got a reply on the same day, even with the crazy time difference. Does this woman sleep?? She promised she'll create an online gallery of designs for me to pick from and guess what? The gallery is up the very next day. Isn't she amazing? And the designs are so awesome, it took me 4 days before I could finally make up my mind and settle on 8 designs I wanted. I told her I understood handcrafted items take forever and I don't mind waiting months for such a large order, but to my surprise she started working on them right away.

10 days after I confirmed my order and 7 days after I paid, all 8 palettes were shipped. 

I was so impressed. That's really fast for a custom order.

For my regular order, the speed is equally awesome. Even with the huge time difference, I had my order shipped out one day after I ordered.

So how much does this awesomeness cost?

3x3 Palette: $5.50
4x4 Palette: $7

International Shipping for 8 palettes: $15

I totally recommend getting this.

Oh, and if you were wondering why I got 8 palettes. Jenny has an offer that gives you a free palette after ordering 10. These were from my first order, and I'm sure you can guess why I fell in love...

Here's the back view:

These palettes are so pretty, I'm starting to change my mind about giving some to my friends. This is how I justify my selfishness...

They fit!
Look! They fit perfectly together! They'll be lonely without each other! 

I managed to stop being selfish long enough to make a palette for my mom though!

Hope I managed to make you guys fall in love with these as hard as I fell in love with them!


  1. I just found your post on reddit! The palettes look amazing and omg the price hahah. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! Hope you find something you like! She's all sold out from the reddit hug XD