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Monday, November 17, 2014

Beauty Trick: Turning Regular Polishes Into Stamping Polishes

So these two are from the same nail polish!

As you can see, the one at the bottom is pretty faded and the lines aren't that defined compared to the one on top.

The nail polish I used is OPI's Merryberry Mauve, and it's not really meant for stamping. With a bit of indie eyeshadow though, it's perfect.

The plate is EDM05, which I got from Femme Fatale

First, I took out a bit of Daisy Bird Cosmetics' Hello Hyacinth:

Add the nail polish:

I usually just eyeball it...about 1:2 eyeshadow to nail polish ratio's usually pretty good, but it depends on how sheer your nail polish starts out as.
Now just mix both of them. The right consistency should be a really thick nail polish - slight resistance but not gloopy. Once it's gloopy, it's too thick and won't stamp, so just add in more polish.
I put in too much eyeshadow so there were a lot left that I didn't mix in.
Once you get the right consistency, taa-daaah! You have a stamping polish!

Sometimes, you can even do this to change to colour of your stamping nail polish. Here's more I did (left is the original nail polish, right is the altered colour):

The plate is by Pueen


  1. What a great idea!
    I'm not too into stamping, but I'll definitely be sharing this blog post with my readers! This is awesome!

    1. Glad you like it! Oh remind me to try out your nail polishes sometime! I'm taking a break from buying nail polishes to recover from my last few splurges but I'll get back to my addiction soon XD