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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review: 9 Spooky Themed Enchanticals Perfumes

I recently ordered 2 sample packs of 12 samples from Enchanticals and got 2 free samples!

For this review, I'm reviewing 9 spooky-themed scents. As always, all reviews are done blind until the TL;DR's written. Overviews are written if I'm surprised by any notes.

General Perfume Review

First of all, I LOVE the packaging!
I love the art!

The throw of these scents are relatively low, and you'll have to get to intimate whispering distance to catch a whiff. It stays at this strength for about 1 1/2 - 2h though! You'll get faint traces on your skin for up to 7-9h.


Bloody Strumpet

"This otherworldly, irresistible fragrance is made from a combination of Vampiric musks, dragons blood, angelica root, blood orange, a garden of roses, white gardenia, blood red berries, forest woods, and a plethora of Autumnal and blood sucking secrets."

I think there's pumpkin somewhere in this, but I'm not sure since the most prominent smell is a cool, spiced berries scent. The scent starts taking on that scary hollow, airy, pierces you right in the nose quality that drugstore scents seem to have for the first 5-15 minutes, but luckily, it settles by about 20 minutes. Nope, no pumpkins.

It becomes a tart, fruity scent with a clean, yet slightly dusty wood smell to it. The dusty wood bit gets stronger and I can see some people not liking this, though I personally love wood smells. By an hour, it's mostly just clean, dusty florals and wood. It makes me think of how this scene will smell like:

You just know the type of woman who enjoys tea parties will enjoy florid floral scents.
Gorgeous photography by Artur K

Clean, elegant, and florid...but dusty.

TL;DR: Clean yet dusty florid floral and wood.


Blue Moon

"Top notes of sweet ripe blueberries, followed by a hint of darker berries & pink peppercorn, black amber, and an amazing combo of secret ingredients that make this scent a truly sexy and irresistible fragrance. You'll find this one on the top of your favorites list!"

This smells like those chewable calcium supplements. The purple-coloured ones. I swear the purple ones tasted the worst. They're supposed to be some kind of fruit but end up tasting the way you'd imagine helium balloons and juice that contains 0% fruit would taste like. There's that chalky smell that chewable calcium supplements seem to have. Huge nope on this one.

TL;DR: Purple chewable calcium supplements.

Overview: No idea what happened but it's purple chewable calcium supplements. It's not sexy.


Ghoul's Night Out

"Ghouls night out starts of with Blood Red Orange essential oils, followed by sweet juicy apples, pumpkin spices, and a base of Dragons Blood."

This smells like cool, windy apples. There's something that smells almost papery and old in this, but the artificial red apple smell dominates. The apple bit kept getting stronger on me until it's just plain red apples. I wish the other parts of the scent can shine through on my skin. I think the scent this nearly became smells unique.

TL;DR: Apples, apples, apples. Red ones.


I Tricked your Treat

"A bag full of goodies with candy corn, butterscotch, chocolate, a hint of fall apples & oranges, spiked with buttered rum and a few other cauldron filled secrets ;) Super yum!"

It's mostly a boozy vanilla-coffee. There's also a tartness in this that can be vanilla going sour on me. With the tartness in it, it smells almost like a cherry liqueur creme chocolate truffle scent.  My skin tends to amp up sweet scents and this scent may be getting the sugary bit amped up, because it starts getting cloyingly sweet as time wears on. Almost nauseatingly sweet. The tart part disappeared after around 20 min, and it's mostly an overwhelmingly sweet vanilla-coffee creme chocolate truffle. It's the kind of chocolate truffles that comes in a prepackaged white box with pictures that always look way better than what you get.
Bet the picture on the box showed fluffy drops of chocolate.
Image courtesy of jennyeatwellsrhubarbginger.blogspot

At about 45 min-1h, it turns into that metallic smell gourmands often get on me. 

TL;DR: Extremely sweet vanilla-coffee creme chocolate.



"Soft powdery vanillas, a bouquet of funeral wreaths with Attar of Rose, Lilies, and Jasmine, with black Amber and a few other dark secrets."

There's a sweet drink sort of smell. It makes me think of a sweet drink I've had in India - one of those not exactly milky drinks where it's 98% water. Something like this, only more watery:

This is Bhang, an alcoholic drink that's traditionally made of milk, sugar, spices, black pepper and almonds.
Image courtesy of

There's also a scent that's slightly cloying, but I'm enjoying the sweet, mildly milky drink scent too much to care about it. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes, it turns into a heavy, musky floral lotion sort of scent.

TL;DR: Sweet, mildly milky drink turning into heavy, musky floral lotion.


Mysteire Noir

"A mysteriously enchanting fragrance that starts off with high notes of red Blood Orange essential oil, juicy ripe red Raspberry, followed by Dark Chocolate, Black Labdanum, Vanillas, and a faint hint of romantic florals."

Artificial red fruits and this watery bitter smell that some perfumers use as their "leather" note. The artificial red fruits bit of this scent makes me think of red Jolly Ranchers but the bitter part is making me think of red Jolly Rancher flavoured cough syrup. 

TL;DR: Red Jolly Jolly Rancher flavoured cough syrup.

Overview: Not sure what labdanum smells like but maybe that's responsible for the watery, bitter part?



"Cognac essential oil, Apricot, juicy Peaches, Clary Sage essential oil, Night Blooming Jasmine and a few other secrets all combined to create this intoxicating perfume."

It was definitely hard to identify this scent for the first 20 minutes. It starts of as a tart, fruity smell that's clean, spicy (in more of a cologne rather than a spices way) and cool. After 20 minutes, you can identify the tart smell as a scent that's a combination of fleshy fruits like peaches, apricots & apples. There's something sweet and cool to this scent that makes this scent more wearable as a perfume instead of being a soap scent.

TL;DR: Cool, fleshy fruits.


Zombie Juice

"A fine, dark mixture of sandalwood, coffee & cocoa with a splash of dreamy french vanilla cream, whiskey, a touch of exotic allspice, sage and some pumpkin liqueur to top it all off. "

This smells like a Californian café. One of those clean, practical sort of places where you're meant to grab your coffee on the go and drink it in your car. It'll be located in a place like this:
And of course, they only have parallel parking...
Image from Wikipedia

There's coffee, the usual array of baked goods with something with cinnamon, and a clean store sort of smell. Not the kind of clean that comes from roomsprays or cleaning products -the kind of smell clean stores with white fluorescent lights seem to just have.

TL;DR: Californian café


Zombie Pops

"From the "Zombie Love" collection & just in time for Halloween, a gourmand fall fragrance that blends a fit-for-a-Zombie pumpkin spice cake, a bit of whiskey, Tahitian vanilla, a hint of orange, and a topping of butterscotch. "

This smells like lemon-vanilla cake pops. Buttery, almost sickeningly rich and heavy cake pops.

Looks pretty, makes your arteries scream in terror.
Image courtesy of These Peas are Hollow and yes! There's a recipe for Lemon Cream Cheese Cake Pops there!
Just sniffing this makes me feel like I've consumed my entire day's recommended sugar and butter intake. It's a very, very rich scent.

TL;DR: Lemon-vanilla cake pops

Overview: On second sniff, I guess I can pick out the pumpkin and whiskey, as well as realize the citrus is more orange than lemon. It still smells like one awesome cake pop though. 

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