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Friday, July 4, 2014

Tutorial: Aqua, Gold & Purple Cut Crease on Monolids

This is a look I did for the night:

Just an example of the before pic:

Tip: Keep your eyes open while applying eyeshadow so you get the placements right. With monolids, a lot of our work disappears when we open our eyes, so keep them open while applying your eye make up to make sure your work doesn't vanish. 

1. Prime lids & apply tape to get the edges crisp. I like using a white eyeliner as a guide to figure out where to create the "crease". For primer, I'm using UD Primer Potion, and for the white eyeliner, I'm using NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. All eyeshadows used are Müse.

2. Apply a light purple shadow above & on the outer corner of your "crease". To make it look more natural, apply it only to the outer 2/3 of your eye, going thicker towards the outer corner.

3. Blend it out.

4. Apply a dark purple shadow above your "crease" for only the outer 1/3 of the crease, going thicker towards the outer edge. Blend it out.

5. Apply the aqua shadow on you "crease".

6. To make the crease more defined, create a very thin line using black eyeshadow above the crease. I use the thinnest brush possible, and dampened it with water before dipping it in the eyeshadow. This makes the line more crisp and avoid flyaways.

7. Apply gold shadow in the middle of the crease. Blend it out. Apply it again, blend it out, and repeat until you get a good gradient effect. This makes the "crease" look more 3D.

8. Remove tape. I like to apply my liner now so I get a good idea of where to place the shadows for my lower lashline

9. Apply the aqua shadow on the inner half of your lower lashline.

10. Apply the purple shadow on the outer half of your lower lashline and blend.

11. Tightline your lower lashline with a gold eyeliner. I'm using UD's Goldmine.

12. Apply lashes and done! Bonus pic to show how thick I was drawing my line to make sure it shows up.

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