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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Debaucherous Bath & Body

UPDATE 7/12/14: I canNOT recommend this brand at all, after it came to my attention that many of this shops customers experienced problems with their orders. /u/minkishly had a bad experience with them, and I already linked her post about it before. We thought her experience may be an unfortunate one off experience, but it turns out that the terrible customer service (shipping label created without anything being sent, 0 communication, missing items, going way above the stated TAT, etc.) happened to many people. You can read about it on Evolution of a Foodie

Another disturbing fact is that this brand used to call themselves Haus of Haunt, basically stealing the name of 2 existing popular brands –Haus of Gloi & Haunt. I really can't recommend this brand at all.

Thanks to the lovely enabler, /u/minkishly, the awesome writer behind the Minkishly blog, I ended up with a bunch of Debaucherous Bath stuff to try out! Since I didn't buy these and got them as gifts, it's best to read Minkishly's post for reviews on the customer service & TAT.

Here's my review for a whipped soap, body lotion, lip balm and some perfume oil samples!

Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland Whipped Soap

Image courtesy of Debaucherous Bath & Body

"Rotting pumpkin flesh, overripe peaches, drizzled with caramel, touched with liquid black amber, hot butterscotch, wicked spices and soft hay."

Texture-wise, it's a bit hard for a whipped soap and ends up like a regular soap that's been softened by many uses. It ends up having a similar sort of feel as refrigerated butter -takes time to melt and will always turn into that one last freaking sliver that just won't melt.

The scent also disappears fast. Almost immediately after it's rubbed on, actually.

It makes it really hard to identify the scent. Initially, I got some delicious caramel fall cake scent, but before I can identify it further, it just disappears. The strongest smell becomes an old soap smell that even unscented soaps seam to develop. Reading the scent description was definitely a surprise for me.

I finally stopped being stupid and decided to sniff this soap out of the jar since the smell is pretty strong that way. Underneath the caramel smell, there is a peach scent, but overripe peaches is the right description for it. You know that sickly sweet smell rotting peaches get? Smells slightly delicious but with a cloyingness to it to warn you the peach will probably explode into mush if you're lucky, or worm-infested grossness if you're unlucky. It still smells mostly like caramel fall cakes and old soap.


  • Full size (5.5 oz): $10 for most, going up to $12 for certain scents
  • Samples (1.5 oz): $3.75 or $4.50 (only available for select scents)

Red Queen's Rage Body Lotion

Image courtesy of Debaucherous Bath & Body

"Red Damask Roses, tempestuous clove, followed by smoky vanilla, frankincense and ylang ylang."

It smells like water and roses! Such a gorgeous scent! There's a bit of a sunblock smell mixed into it too, but I didn't mind it that much. Initially, the scent is strong and hits you as soon as you open the tub. After you rub it into the skin, the throw disappears fast, but you can still smell it from inches away. The smell is surprisingly light and fresh, which is the opposite of what I was expecting based on the scent description.

Texture-wise, it's a very thin, slightly runny lotion that spreads easily on your skin. It leaves a thin, oily layer that only takes 8-10 min to absorb.


  • Full size (5.5 oz): $10 for most, with some scent going up to $14
  • Sample size (1.5 oz): $3.75 (only available for select scents)

Caramel Embrace Lip Balm

Image courtesy of Debaucherous Bath & Body
"Rich Caramel swirled in with Dark Chocolate and a dusting of Cinnamon"

This comes in slimline tubes, which I love because they make application neater. I hate the feel of lip balm going outside my lips so I'm all for this.

Unfortunately, the caramel flavour lasts only a second. I swear. It disappears almost immediately upon application and I had to look out for it to notice it. It just leaves behind this weird, waxy taste. It's sweetened but I'm not sure what it's sweetened with. I'm assuming stevia. This is what it says on their product page:
Screenshot taken on July 15, 2014
I can't taste the dark chocolate or cinnamon. I tried sniffing this instead and got the sour smell of a caramel note going sour. It's still moisturizing though!

Texture-wise, it's slightly stiff but melts into a consistency that's similar to frozen vaseline, with the same vaseline-like "stickiness".

Price: $3.50 for a 0.07oz tub

Perfume Oils General Review

Image courtesy of Debaucherous Bath & Body


  • 5 ml: $15 for most, with some scents going up to $26
  • Samples: $3.50 (yikes!) for most, with some scents going up to $6.50 (O_O)

I like the concept of these perfumes and they're extremely delicious gourmand scents that manage to avoid smelling horribly artificial. I honestly fell in love with all the scents I tried out. Unfortunately, the throw is weak, and my nose has to be an inch or two away from my skin to smell it even right after application. If I apply it on my wrist, I can't smell it when I sniff the back of my hand. This is even with my nose pressed against the back of my hand. By 10 minutes, I have to smell it close to the skin and by 1 1/2 hours, it's very faint. Faint traces linger on your skin for over 9 hours though.

I'm so sad about the sillage or longevity since I like these scents a lot! If they're better, I would definitely get a bunch of scents in full sizes.


"Caramelized sugar, cocoa butter, cotton candy, white florals, oakmoss, precious woods, dark amber and raw honey."

This smells like blue, salted caramels. There's that watery blue scent that I always associate with masculine colognes that I like but the salted caramel smell is strong as well. Almost overwhelmingly sweet at moments, and keeps threatening to overpower the blue scents. My brain ends up confused...this scent definitely makes me feel in lust, but I'm not sure if I'm lusting over food or a guy. What do I want??? Towards the end, I get a slightly powdery, white floral smell...can't seem to identify what kind of florals though.

Overview: "White florals". Well that's helpful.

This smells more feminine to me, but Minkishly mentions that this may smell great on a guy. So obviously, I had to smear it on my little brother...

Less than a month into his summer break and many, many perfume tests later, my awesome brother has resigned to his fate and barely complained even though he hated the smell of this. The blue notes are less prominent on him, and the caramel doesn't go too sweet or lean towards going sour. He ends up smelling like delicious salted caramel. I don't know why he's complaining. When it dries down, he got the same metallic smell I often get and the scent smells like metallic caramels.

Mau Loa

"Oahu night sky consisting of sweet plumeria, orchid lei, mai tai’s [sic] and salty ocean air."

First, it smells like a floral, soapy cantaloupe, with a fizzy lemon sitting in the background. The fizzy lemon balances precariously on the edge of smelling like dishwashing soap, but luckily, the sweet floral cantaloupe smell overpowers it most of the time.

Overview: I swear I smell a cantaloupe-ish scent somewhere in here. Not sure where that came from. Maybe it's the plumeria mixed with mai tais. I had to check out the recipe of mai tais because this doesn't smell like the mai tais I've tried. Yeah, no cantaloupe either. I like this scent, but it's definitely different from what I'd expect from the description.


"Black forest cake, a raspberry rose filling, chocolate liqueor, European black chocolate dusted with French cocao."

It starts of as cherry liqueur chocolate truffle, but the cherry starts to blossom and become slightly floral.  By 10 minutes, that metallic smell I often get from gourmand smells appeared and now the scent smells like metallic, floral cherry candies. A bit of a weird, old butter smell starts appearing in the background and slightly ruins this scent for me, but it's strong enough for me to totally hate this scent. Unfortunately, that old butter smell mixed with plastic cherries is what dries down on my skin after 1 1/2 hours.

Overview: Despite all the chocolates they threw into the notes, the chocolate notes disappeared fastest on me. I guess the cherry and raspberry rose bit was stronger. The floral is very light and airy, and not like what you'd expect from a  rose note.

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