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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pretty & Polished June 2014 Beauty Box

So after searching around, I finally figured out which month this Beauty Box is for. It's June's subscription box. I received this on July 15. I was a bit surprised it came so late, but when I emailed Pretty & Polished over my missing voucher (which the box was supposed to have), I was told that my box initially got returned to them, and that's why it came so late. I still haven't received my July box yet, so I'm guessing it'll take as long.

So here's what's inside:

There's no info about what I got, so I had to check the website figure out what the Blue Raspberry is. I'm guessing it's a bath bomb. So here's what I got for $30 (price for international subscribers):
  • 2 Full Size Nail Polish
  • 2 Mini Nail Polish
  • 1 dotting tool
  • 1 filo stick
  • 1 mini bath bomb
  • 30% off voucher

I have to say, out of all the subscription boxes I've tried, this is the one I find most worth it. 

 Here's the colours on my nails:

Ocean View is a metallic turquoise and green glitter. It's very pretty but I'm kinda sad since this is very similar to Rainbow Honey's Midnight Fountain, which I have already. Pretty & Polished has a better formula, so I think I'll give away my Rainbow Honey and keep this.

From left to right: Ocean View, Pixy Chix over white base, Solar Power Purple, Golden Child over white base

Pixy Chix is a clear base with confetti-like red, green, blue, and purple microglitter. On the swatch, I used it over and Essie matte white polish to show the effect. This is VERY glitter heavy and what you see is only one coat! Love!

From left to right: Ocean View, Pixy Chix over white base, Solar Power Purple, Golden Child over white base

Solar Power Purple is supposed to be a white base filled with purple and red matte-ish glitter, that shifts to lavender under the sun. Since I'm a huge sucker for any effect polishes, so I'm happy. This is very translucent and it took me 4 coats to achieve this opacity. Maybe it's meant to be worn over something else. The colour was initially a pale, cloudy white. Then it became this slight lavender colour and stayed that way. I guess I was expecting it to shift more often and more drastically, so I'm not sure if I'm applying it wrong. 

In this picture, I put Solar Power Purple under a UV lamp for about a minute or two to see if that'll trigger more of a change. Nope.

Golden Child Top Coat is a clear effect top coat with gold flecks. It's gorgeous and I definitely will wear it more often. It's very smooth and shiny, and definitely a great top coat even without the gold flecks. On the swatch, I used two coats of it over an Essie matte white polish to show the effect. 

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