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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: Rainbow Honey

So I ordered a bunch of Rainbow Honey stuff from Femme Fatale while they were having a sale.

I have to make a quick rave about Femme Fatale's awesome customer service. Check out how fast my stuff was shipped:

Ordered: June 15
Shipped: June 16
Received: June 23

Omg, now I know how people living in America feel! I usually wait a month before getting my stuff! 8 days! During a sale! And I got a handwritten note! OMG. Mind. Blown.

I do enjoy everything!

I ordered a cuticle balm in Worth the Truffle and the following nail polishes:

I love the labels, makes it so much easier to figure out which is which! I wish more companies would do this!

Worth The Truffle Cuticle Balm Review

"Deep cocoa with a smooth and creamy finish."

I waited until I've been using this for close to a month before I post the review. Yes, they're very moisturising! I'm arranging my manicures in order of when I took them, and you can see my cuticles improving over time. They're still very dry and ugly thanks to my habit of peeling on peeling cuticles, but they've definitely gotten better. 

Scent-wise, I initially hated it but it grew on me. It smells like stale chocolate popcorn. Not very appetising, but the scent does grow on you and now I love it!

Packaging-wise, it comes in a slim tube with waterproof packaging. When mine came (stupidly forgot to take the picture), the top of the balm has been cut smoothly so it looks very professional. Definitely something I'd buy again.


  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 5.50
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 5.00

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Review

I got a mix of consistency for the formulas, so I'm not sure how I feel about this brand. Leonids and the top coats had a smooth, easy to apply formula, while the other 3 had goopy, streaky formulas. I find that these polishes tend to chip within 1-2 days. Nail polish tend not to last long on me thanks to how rough I get with my hands, but usually, they last about 2-3 days. 


  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 11.85
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 10.00
This is by far my favourite colour - it's a dried blood red (sorry for the gross description) that shifts to gold. This also has the smoothest consistency out of all the colours I got. Feels like a normal polish!

Leonids on most nails, Papillon on ring finger

Indoors to show the shift
If you're wondering how I got that effect for Papillon, this is how:

I let the sponge soak up most of the clear polish and then pat on the glitter on the tips of my nails.

Midnight Fountain

  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 11.85
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 10.00
I wasn't a fan of this formula, it's very goopy and streaky. It's a pretty enough colour -dark blue with light blue glitter. I think the colour is no longer age-appropriate for me, though. T.T

Midnight Fountain on most nails, Diamond Weapon on ring finger

Diamond Weapon

  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 11.85
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 10.00

It's supposed to be grey with silver with a gold shimmer, but I honestly can't see much of the gold. Maybe I got too used to strong shifts in indie eyeshadows. The formula is also goopy and streaky, and this ended up looking very clunky and messy to me.

Diamond Dust

  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 11.85
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 10.00

This is a clear base with holographic sparkle. I wore this on top of Diamond Weapon and it's sooo gorgeous. I can see myself wearing this frequently! This one also feels like a normal polish so I'm happy!

Left: Diamond Weapon + Diamond Dust
Right: Diamond Weapon

Another shot to show off the sparkles. Diamond Dust is only over my middle finger. The gold polish is a Sephora polish that no longer has a label.

Diamond Dust applied over all nails. Check out the sparkles!


  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 11.85
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 10.00
This is a clear based with butterfly glitter! I was a bit disappointed since I somehow expected this to be more glittery, but the glitter is a bit sparse so getting the effect out is hard since I mostly got clear polish. This is 2-3 coats of Papillon over Nails Inc's Chelsea Physic Garden:

The Bubbly Scented Top Coat

"Living up to its name, this scent is effervescent, bright, and just a bit juicy - perfect to celebrate any occasion!"

  • On Femme Fatale site: AUD 11.85
  • On Rainbow Honey site: USD 8.00

It's not particularly fast-drying, shiny or long-lasting, so it's just like an ordinary top coat, except that it's scented. Very gimmicky but I fell for it hard and I'm still resisting the urge to buy more of these! The scent is absolutely delicious! It smells like a fizzy citrus soda, and I swear you can even smell the fizziness in this. The scent lasts about 2 days, though it's a bit faint by the 2nd day. 

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