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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review, Swatches & Recommendation: Femme Fatale's You Choose the Scare...Vol 2 (12 Colours) + 2 Extra Colours

Sorry for the lonnnggg break. I just got back from my vacation and things have been crazy at work! Anyway, I recently got Femme Fatale's You Choose the Scare... Vol 2, and only just got around to swatching thanks to procrastination >.<

The collection contains 12 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and 1 highlighter, and I received 2 extra free samples (Jelly Sandals, Kitten Mittens). So for this review, I'll be swatching and reviewing 14 eyeshadows and saving the blush & highlighter reviews for later since I still haven't swatched those.

This is my first time reviewing Femme Fatale, and before I get to the review, I have to show you guys these awesome macro shots.

Eyeshadows Review

Femme Fatale is known for really gorgeous duochromes and they definitely earned the reputation. The shifts are all so strong! What I like is that these eyeshadows are still pretty easy to use over primer alone. They definitely don't look as pretty as when over a glitter adhesive, but they're still usable and, as you will see from the swatches below, the shift can still be seen. The formula's really smooth and blends easily, though some of the duochrome goes bald during blending. For most of the formulas, it doesn't go completely bald though, so you still get a bit of it –it's similar to My Pretty Zombie's duochromes.

I did face some issues with certain colours, which I'll discuss in further details in the individual colour reviews below, but there were way more colours with great formulas.

I ordered sample sizes of these, and one thing I noticed is that the sample amounts look inconsistent. I can't be completely sure since I don't have a weighing machine that can accurately weigh such small amounts, but from the look of them, some samples seem to contain way less eyeshadow than what I normally get from indie samples, and some contain roughly the same amount as smaller indie samples.

Overall, this is definitely a brand I'd recommend to even beginners since the formula's relatively easy to use! So on to detailed swatches! I've swatched over natural light for colour accuracy and under yellow-toned artificial light to capture the shifts that may appear better under a direct light source.

Under Natural Light

Jelly Sandals, Fever Swamp, Ghost Beach, Camp Nightmare, Dead House, Curse of the Mummy, Beast From The East

Jelly Sandals runs slightly sheer, even over primer. It's a gorgeous colour for layering or highlighting though. I usually use two layers of this colour (first over primer, then a second layer over glitter glue) to get the colour out.

Fever Swamp is so pretty over glitter glue! It also runs slightly sheer though, and the shift tends to get lost if you're not using glitter glue.

Ghost Beach is so vibrant and gorgeous! It surprises me by performing relatively well over bare skin. Runs slightly on the sheer side and can get lost when blended.

Camp Nightmare is one of my favourite colours just because it's so bright and vibrant. Runs slightly on the sheer side, but not as bad as Ghost Beach.

Dead House's blue shift over primer is actually more obvious in person than what the swatch pictures can capture. It tends to stain though, and I don't recommend foiling it with water because the the colour bleeds.

Curse of the Mummy just wouldn't foil with water. No idea why. Maybe there's something hydrophobic in there, which leads to streakiness? It also tends to go chalky over primer. I definitely struggled with this colour, but it's only one out of the batch of 14 colours, so I think it's just a one off thing. It's my least favourite formula out of the entire collection.

Beast From The East is another colour with a very obvious, dramatic shift that the primer photos just can't capture. The shift is slightly pressure sensitive, but it still shows up really strongly over primer alone! You'll see what I mean in an EOTD below.

Vampire Breath is super sparkly, and it makes me wonder if it's a nod to the sparkly vampires of Twilight. It tends to go bald pretty easily and leave behind just a sheer wash of bluish highlight with a slight purple tint. If you don't mind the glitter, you can totally use this colour as a highlighter because it's sheer enough.

Kitten Mittens is a sparkly beige, but I can't capture any of the sparks outside swatches. When applied on my eyes, it turns into a plain, satin beige. The colour is really close to my skin tone, so it ends up almost invisible.

Chicken Chicken has a stronger greenish shift than what the swatches show. I was definitely surprised how bright the green shift was on my eyes!

Wicked Wax Museum is definitely pressure sensitive and I found that the colour tends to show up as plain brown. You can get a bit of the gold shift over primer only, but it tends to blend into the colour so it looks like a plain metallic brown. Wicked Wax Museum, The Lost Legend and Afraid of Bees have the same gold shift, so they can kind of look alike when foiled or used over glitter glue.

Afraid of Bees has a strong gold shift and it shows up fairly well over primer alone. It's slightly pressure sensitive, but sturdy enough that you're not obliged to use glitter glue to get the gold shift.WWicked Wax Museum, The Lost Legend and Afraid of Bees have the same gold shift, so they can kind of look alike when foiled or used over glitter glue.

The Lost Legend is gorgeous and the shift is definitely strong! It's also pressure sensitive and can go bald on the parts of my lids that creases, but the shift's ability to stay put over primer alone is as good as Afraid of Bees'. Wicked Wax Museum, The Lost Legend and Afraid of Bees have the same gold shift, so they can kind of look alike when foiled or used over glitter glue.

The Scarecrow is a colour that I find looks best foiled. I was wondering why it kept coming out as brown when I used it for one of my EOTDs, until I started patting it on with water. That's when the red exploded out. Definitely foil this one!

Under Yellow Toned Artificial Light

Jelly Sandals, Fever Swamp, Ghost Beach, Camp Nightmare, Dead House, Curse of the Mummy, Beast From The East


The Scarecrow and Wicked Wax Museum Over Primer & Foiled

The Scarecrow was initially over primer alone, but it became this dark brown colour. I finally added another layer of it foiled with water, and it looks way better. Wicked Wax Museum is foiled on the waterline.

Chicken Chicken, Afraid of Bees, The Lost Legend & Wicked Wax Museum Over Primer

Chicken Chicken's the main part of the look, and check out how strong that green shift is! Afraid of Bees is on the inner corners and while the shift is lost thanks to creasing, it's still a really vibrant orange. Wicked Wax Museum is on the lower lashline and The Lost Legend is blended on top of the look.

Kitten Mittens, Ghost Beach, Fever Swamp & Camp Nightmare Over Primer Only

Kittens Mittens is there in the inner corner, but it kinda just disappears. Ghost Beach is foiled over the inner lashline. With just a layer over primer, Fever Swam and Camp Nightmare's kinda sheer. I did another EOTD to show how much better these colours would look over glitter glue...

Dead House, Beast From The East, Ghost Beach & Camp Nightmare Over Glitter Glue & Primer

See how much better Ghost Beach & Camp Nightmare looks here? For this look, I used 2 layers of them –first over primer, then over glitter glue. Dead House is blended above Ghost Beach & Camp Nightmare on the lids and Beast from the East is on the outer lower lashline. 

Wicked Wax Museum & Afraid of Bees Foiled With Water

This is what I'm talking about when I mentioned that Wicked Wax Museum and Afraid of Bees can kind of look alike when foiled or used over glitter glue. They're both blended on my lids, with Wicked Wax Museum in the inner half, and Afraid of Bees on the outer half.

Beast From The East Over Primer Only

See how awesome the shift is over primer only? Sorry for the unfinished look! This is part of a tutorial and not a finished look at all!

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