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Monday, January 11, 2016

Tutorial: Orange and Silvery-Lavender Halo Eyes and Glitter Halo Eyes

So I saw this amazing tutorial for an orange-lavender halo eye by one of my favourite bloggers, Katy Roleigh (she also has IG! Follow her @katyroleigh!) and totally fell in love with the look. I decided to replicate it on my hooded monolids and create a tutorial modified for monolids so my fellow monolidders can replicate this awesome look too.

Unfortunately, there's some slight kinks....I don't have the same eyeshadows and the only lavender with blue highlights eyeshadow I own is so pale, it ends up looking silvery against my skin. So this is how my look ended up turning into:

Yeah. Freaking sad. Luckily, I do own lavender cosmetic glitter that shifts blue (Glitter Elixirs' Baby Spyro), which is the closest I could get to the lavender with blue highlights that Katy used. So here's the glitter halo version:

. enough. So here's the tutorial!

1. Put on your falsies first. If you have hooded monolids like me, falsies change your eye shape so dramatically, you need to put them on first or this happens. Put on primer too!

2. Pat on the deep matte orange eyeshadow into your inner and outer corners. Make sure you keep opening your eyes to make sure they show up! Check out 2b for how high the eyeshadow has to go to peek out. If you're wondering how high it has to go since it's hard to figure it out without a crease to guide us, it's about where a crease would end if we had the larger Asian creases....or about how high your eyeshadow went when you first attempted a smokey eye.

3. Then, blend it out using a lighter orange shade, leaving the the middle part empty. In 3b, I left the left side relatively unblended so you can kinda see the placement.

Bridge the 2 corners together in a gentle arc. The arc should look like it's gently lining your imaginary crease. For the arc, I prefer using a small, tapered blending brush and use a very light hand –the flat planes of monolids can be unforgiving, so this is the best way to avoid harsh lines that looks like you're playing connect-the-dots on your eye. For the lid, I use a small, stiff blending brush and blend in small, circular motions to keep the blending controlled. You may need to switch back and forth between the colours to build and blend the colour as needed.

4. Apply the dark, reddish-brown shade on both the inner & outer corners with a pencil brush to bring back the depth. Now, for monolids, I find that we'll need to do this bit differently since we have no crease and this look can sometimes end up looking like we got a botched double eyelid surgery. I find that it's more flattering if we drag the darker colour further in and up (to about somewhere in between 1/4 - 1/3 of your eye as indicated by my brush), so it looks more like a fatter rotated Nike tick rather than a crescent.

5. Blendy, blend, blend.

Huh..maybe if I'm lazy, I could stop here and call it a negative-space halo eye or something.

6. With a wet brush, apply the metallic lavender (or silver in my case...curse you stupid eyeshadow! You lied to me! You looked lavender!!!) eyeshadow to the hole in the middle.

7. Apply the first matte orange eyeshadow you used on your lower lashline. I wanted the lavender in the middle to be more vibrant, so I only lined the inner & outer corner, leaving the middle blank. It's a personal preference though.

Anyway, you want to keep this tight and close to your waterline since anything bottom heavy tend to give monolids the panda look. I used a thin angled brush for this, but you can use thin eyeliner or water liner brushes too. Just keep it thin.

8. With a pencil brush, apply the lavender eyeshadow in the middle. You can go heavier with this, going widest in the middle to make your eyes look way bigger. You're done!

Unless you want to go to the optional step....

9. Using your fingers since that gives more control, dab a glitter adhesive in the middle where the lavender eyeshadow is. Apply the glitter (I personally prefer under-eye concealer brushes since they get enough glitter on in one smack..gets a tad messy though). With your fingers again, gently pat the glitter flat. And that's it! 

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