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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tutorial: Super Simple King Tut-Inspired Look

I posted my King Tut look a few days ago, and someone requested for a tutorial. So I recreated the look, only with a twist. I decided to use glitter because I did this over the weekend, and on the weekends I wear glitter. No exceptions.  Here's the glitter version of this look:

I messed up a bit with this look and forgot how chunky glitter can be. I should've gone with a thinner brush than what I used for my gel liner look, but I was committed already and kept going -__-

Here's the full face:


1. First of all prime lids.

2. Apply the blue eyeshadow. If you have monolids like me, keep your eyes open while doing this so you get the placement right. Not sure if you can see it in this post, but I used a blue eyeshadow with a red highlight. I didn't use glitter glue though, so it's not as obvious.

3. Line the top part with gold glitter/gel liner. I used Lit Cosmetics' Gold Digger Size #3 for this, glued on using Lit Cosmetics' glitter glue.

4. Dip a q-tip/cotton pad in eye make up remover and clean the bottom part of your wing by sweeping upwards. This pulls the wing up and creates a sharper wing.

5. Line the bottom part with the gold.

6. Draw horizontal lines.

7. Apply falsies/mascara.

8. Line the bottom lashline with the gold glitter. If you want something less sparkly and more subtle, a bronze eyeshadow works well too. Aaaand you're done!

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