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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review & Recommendation: Haus of Gloi Yule Review (7 scents)

Haus of Gloi's (HoG's) Yule season is here and I'm freaking excited! I've finally finished reviewing the scents I got last year!

Anyway, like my previous HoG reviews (click here or on the Haus of Gloi tag on the right), I'm specifying what form I got each scent in, because I noticed Haus of Gloi scents can smell radically different depending on what form you got it in. That's why a bubbling scrub that smells amazing on you may not smell as great in perfume oil version, and vice versa.

There are 2 scents that will not be released in Part 1's release, but I thought I better add them here in case they come out during Part 2. I'm also reviewing a discontinued perfume (Wintervale) in case anyone's thinking of buying it from swaps. I'm only doing the perfume review blind, the bath products reviews aren't done blind at all.

For a review on how the pumpkin butters preform, head here. For a review on how the whipped soaps, bubbling scrubs and perfume oils preform, head here.


HoG Controversy Discussion


Before I go on to the reviews, there's an issue with HoG that I have to address. Someone found bugs in her HoG products, and apparently had a hard time getting an adequate response from HoG. After 15 days of silence, HoG finally addressed this issue and announced the changes they'll make to prevent this from happening again.

It took me a while to decide on this issue and I skipped their Autumn release because of this, but now that I've thought about it, I've decided that I will still shop in HoG. I haven't heard of this incident happening to anyone else, and I've had a lot of great experiences with HoG. Yes, some of my friends have already sworn off HoG because we've had our group orders messed up (not fun with international shipping), but HoG have always made things right. Refunds always arrived promptly without denials, excuses or delays (which I've experienced with 2 brands before). Replacements have been sent at no additional charges too. One time, Matt even shipped my group order before I even paid to make sure it gets to us on time. When I panicked and message him to tell him he still needed to invoice me, I guess he was so overwhelmed, he sent me the tracking number instead. It took me a while before I could finally pay him for the order he already shipped. I guess I feel like the mistakes were more due to 2 overwhelmed people who genuinely slipped instead of a lack of care for customers.

I also love their products and really can't find mainstream or indie dupes for a lot of them. My skin just loves their whipped soaps, bubbling scrubs and pumpkin butters, and I love the scents they come from.

I understand HoG isn't for everyone and I know a lot of my friends have sworn the brand off completely. I think it's completely fair if someone wants to boycott HoG for life over this incident, but personally for me, I'm still willing to shop at HoG. I will still recommend this brand, but I'll definitely let people know about this incident first so they can decide on their own whether or not they'd like to risk giving this brand a try.


Pumpkin Butter


Fancy Bread

"Ripe banana, roasted nuts and brown sugar folded into a delicious quick bread."

Omg, this smells so delicious! Yes, it's a bit of that artificial banana, but mixed with everything else, the banana doesn't smell too artificial, and kind of reminds me of Tokyo Bananas. Tokyo Bananas are banana cakes that look like this:
They managed to make that artificial banana flavour taste DELICIOUS.
Image courtesy of

Every Indonesian visiting Tokyo is required to bring boxes of these back for their friends.

It's mixed with this delicious, stout-ish bread scent that's just so delicious. I've encountered other attempts at making this banana bread scent and it's hardly a unique concept, but this is the most well executed banana bread scent I've encountered. I can really see the warm, moist, brown banana bread in my head and it's making me so hungry. I need more of this!

TL;DR: Delicious, rich, brown banana bread.


Whipped Soap



"The warm glowing center of home. Autumns last apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, various fire roasted nuts, cracked black pepper all nailed down by an oozing sticky benzoin."

There is no end to delicious scents in this collection. This is a creamy apple scent, only it makes me think of a creamy apple oatmeal. I know there's no oatmeal note in here, but it just smells like that. As I rub it in, I definitely get the black pepper, which smells almost like a burnt smell, but it washes away fast, and I get a final burst of that artificial apples scent before the soap washes away. I'm wondering if I should gamble and grab this in other versions. I feel like the smokey black pepper may get amplified in heavier forms like perfume oils, pumpkin butters or hair oils.

TL;DR: Creamy apple oatmeal.


"Brown sugar, black treacle, oats, a peculiar blend of white spices tossed with roasted nuts and coasted in the lightest of icings." 

When I first put it on, I get a sharp burst of spicy spices that smell more like spicy wood resin. Then the sweetness comes in and it kind of makes me think of ginger beer before the creamy part kicks in and makes it smell like creamy, spicy, gingery cakes. The ginger is definitely strong here, making me think more of Indonesian desserts, only there's that cake-y deliciousness that's not exactly Indonesian dessert-ish. It's so delicious! I get a fleeting hint of something off that I just can't place before the soap's completely washed off, but it's too quick for me to put my finger on it. The scent it leaves lingering on my skin is spicy wood. Definitely suitable for men!

TL;DR: Woody spices and ginger cakes.

Sweet Potato Treat

"The epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows."

Ooooh...another delicious scent. This smells like a Thanksgiving dessert table. It smells like pumpkin pies, pecan pies, and sweet potato pies all lined up in a row. I think it's because the main scent is that sweet, cinnamon-y brown sugar scent that's a Thanksgiving dessert signature, and there's that crusty, buttery pie scent too.  I know it's supposed to be sweet potato, but the scent makes me think of pumpkin pies a bit more than sweet potatoes. As I wash this off, I noticed that oily "fried dough" note that's often listed as donuts/waffles/funnel cake/etc. in blends. It's hardly noticeable in the whipped soap version and doesn't weigh down the scent the way it usually does, but knowing my luck with HoG perfume oils, I bet this is the scent that my skin will amplify if I try the perfume oil version.

TL;DR: Delicious, filling Thanksgiving desserts.


Bubbling Scrub



"The Haus 'nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg."

Omg, this actually smells like eggnog. I know eggnogg scents are common and almost boring for this season, but this is so much better and definitely not that artificial "eggnog" scent. There's a richness in this that's just so creamy and delicious. I can't stop smiling when I'm using this soap! And yes, you can smell the booze. As it washes off, I definitely get hit by a strong burst of nutmeg, and it smells almost bitter and sharply woody. It disappears fast though, but if you really hate that sharp, wood resin sort of scent, be prepared for it.

TL;DR: Delicious eggnog.




Sugar Cookie 

"Buttery. Sugary. Cookies!"

This, er...smells like marzipan. Obviously, it's as great marzipan scent because I could identify it immediately, but it's not the sugar cookies I was expecting. HoG also released a Marzipan scented butterbomb last year, so I'm wondering if this got mixed up.

TL;DR: Marzipan.


Perfume Oil


This review is done blind until I write the TL;DR. The overview's written if any of the notes surprise me.


"Snow covered blue spruce boughs, frozen woods, crystalline sugared violets and sharp wintery air, all wrapped around a minty mug of hot cocoa."

In the bottle, it smells like a toilet cleaner, but once I put it on my skin, it's better. I'm getting this clean, slightly tart icy scent. It kinda makes think of mouthwash on someone's breath since there's even that watery clean scent. It's still a nice mouthwash though, and definitely on the breath of a hot dude. It makes me think of the mouthwash they have in Singapore Airline's lounges & bathrooms.

About 40 min later, I'm getting a bit of a powdery sort of scent, and now this scent is more feminine than masculine. I actually really like it now! It's a more leather seats rather than floral sort of powderiness, lightened up with a crystal clear, watery scent. The powdery part makes me think of a more mature woman (mature, definitely not old), but it's just so clean and crisp as well, it makes me think of corporations with sterile offices as well. Both parts don't sound that tempting, but the juxtaposition just works. It makes me think of a woman who looks like this:
I'm guessing she's in her late 20s or early 30s? I suck at telling non-Asian ages.
Amazing pic by Anton Belovodchenko
Very corporate and efficient, but still feminine and alluring.

TL;DR: A corporate jetsetter.

Overview: I don't really get the chocolates in this. I'm wondering if the powdery part from the violets smell less floral and more leathery because of mixture with the woods and cocoa?

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