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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review & Recommendation: All 5 of BathSabbath's Fall Scents

I finally cracked and got my BathSabbath order!

Pretty velvet pouches!

As always, Virginia is so nice. She knew I was trying to save on international shipping by waiting until both her Fall & Winter collections are out so I can just make one big order, but since I can't wait anymore, she actually let me have an early preview of her Winter collection! I also got a bunch of free sample & a free tiny soap that's so cute!

She's so incredibly sweet!

Anyway, here's the review of her Fall scents & the soap sample in Excider, a Fall scent. All reviews of BathSabbath are under this tag. As always, reviews are done blind until I'm done with the TL;DR, overviews are written if any notes surprised me.


Brown Leafed Vertigo

"The smell of Autumn leaves and berries, rounded out by earthy timber and fresh soil."

This would smell so awesome on a guy, even though it's a bit on the sweet side. It's masculine spiciness and wood resin, with some fruity tartness that's so well-blended, I can't pick out the fruits. For some reason, this scent smells edible despite the masculine spiciness & wood resin. There's almost a filling nutty bread sort of scent to it, with no nuts I can identify. If I smell this on a guy, I'm not sure if I want to kiss him or start nomming on him. I'm so in lust with this scent.

After around 13-15min, the wood definitely gets a bit stronger. I think this may smell like potpourri on some people, but on me, it's still the original scent, just a bit more wood resin.

TL;DR: An edible, cool masculine spiced wood cologne, with a hint of tartness.

Overview: I don't smell any earth in this, and I'm wondering if BathSabbath's earth notes end up smelling slightly "nutty" on me. I tried this on my bf and it's less sweet on him. It makes him smell soo good! No dirt smell on him either.



"Classic Apple Cider, a base of warm apple with notes of Cinnamon, Clove and Orange zest."

This just keeps blooming and blooming. I get apple and fall spices at first, which was like any Fall apple cider/potpourri sort of scents, but the apple just keeps getting more fragrant. I'm really not sure what they put in this, but it's one of the most fragrant apples I've ever encountered. The smell ends up being a more fresh and light sort of Fall apples scent. There's a bit of a woodiness in it, but on me, it's very slight so it smells more like apple cider from a wooden keg rather than potpourri. I thought I was bored of the apple cider sort of scents that every store seem to have for Fall, but this actually made me sit up.

TL;DR: A light and fresh apple cider stored in a wooden keg.

Overview: Oooh. Oranges. The orange note was what kept this scent light and fresh. That was unexpected, oranges are usually my death notes.


Feed My Frankenstein

"That song is about pumpkin pie, didn't you know? The comforting smell of Pumpkin with a touch of Maple, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg, rounded out by notes of vanilla and butter."

This smells like lemon-orange cheesecake at first. There's even a buttery smell in it, like a very buttery cheesecake crust. The sour cheese smell was getting heavier and heavier, and that got me a bit worried, but at around 3-5 minutes, it suddenly blended in. I was confused. It kinda smells like ketan hitam, a black glutinous rice dish that's sometimes seasoned with santan (coconut milk) and orange peels. There's even the rich and slightly "dusty" smell that black glutinous rice comes with. I love this scent so much! It's creamy, and makes you feel full and satisfied.

Indonesia has awesome desserts..
Photography by Peppy Nasution, found on

TL;DR: A creamy ketan hitam with orange peels.

Overview: I tried sniffing this again and I think the vanilla may be going sour on me, to create that orange smell. If I sniff hard, I think I smell pumpkin, but mixed with everything else, it smells like a rich, thick Indonesian glutinous rice dish.


None More Black Licorice

"A pure, true black licorice scent. Anise with a salty touch."

Well, I hate liquorice so I know I'd hate this since I know how great BathSabbath is at nailing realistic scents. I know this will be a pure black liquorice scent and yes, I was right. It's definitely black liquorice. It's one of those chewy black liquorice and you can even smell the chewy candy smell in this.
Seriously, who likes this thing? I swear they're invented just to make children HATE candy.
Image courtesy of

TL;DR: Black liquorice. The worst "candy" ever created. If you ever bought a child black liquorice unrequested, you clearly hate children.


November Coming Fire

"The smell of a Bonfire on a cold autumn night. Hints of smoke, sweet woods and patchouli."

Omg this smells sooo good! But smells like steak. A delicious, well-seasoned steak at in a fancy restaurant where the description for each menu item are a mini odes to food, but steak nonetheless. The steak has rosemary butter sauce for sure.

It gets sweeter after 22 minutes and one of the chefs I asked to sniff the perfume says it smells more like lamb chops with a rosemary-mint sauce. I'm still torn between lamb chops & steak, but either way, it's definitely meat.

I'm actually really hungry now. While this scent isn't for me, I'm planning to make several chefs I know sniff this to create steak/lamb chops that tastes as delicious as this smells. 

When it dries down, it becomes a dry, almost dusty wood & incense smell. It's actually very alluring. I definitely love the dry down, but I'm not sure if I want to smell like steak/lamb chops for 1-1 1/2 h.

TL;DR: Gastronomically orgasmic steak/lamb chops.

Overview: Patchouli usually makes something smell old to me, but I didn't get that here. I know BathSabbath's smoke notes turn into burning BBQ meat on me, so I guess tempered with all the other notes, it ends up smelling like cooked meat?


Excider Soap

So pretty!
This is so pretty, I decided to just cut a sliver from the bottom to test it out since I want to use this as decoration. It smells a lot like the perfume oil, only it's missing the woodiness that's underneath the fresh spiced apples in the perfume oil. It works like any other bar soap I've tried, which means that it does leave that tacky feeling bar soaps always seem to leave on your skin.

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