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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review: Dreamworld Hermetica Foundation & Blushes

This post is long overdue but I keep procrastinating on doing the write up. I really shouldn't since Ellie from Dreamworld Hermetica is awesome and deserve all the publicity she can get. So first of all, huge rave for...

Customer Service

Ellie is awesome! Here's a list of awesome things she did for me:

  • Rushed my order to make sure I get everything in time since I was using a mail forwarding service that needs everything to arrive by a certain deadlin
  • Manually invoiced me because Paypal wouldn't let me ship to a different country from my billing address
  • Gave me tons of free samples! Check out my foundation samples:

I only ordered THREE.

  • I also had trouble with the blushes, and Ellie supported me all the way. More on that later.

So on to reviews...

Foundation Swatches and Reviews

If you like mineral foundation, you'll like this. Ellie has a shade for pale Asians and I'm just so grateful for that! It's so freaking hard to find foundations as a pale Asian. There's usually only 1-2 shades of yellow-toned colours, and they're usually 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone. I have no idea why mainstream brands (even in Singapore and Indonesia) seem to think that all Asians only come in 1-2 shade of yellow. I had resigned myself to just using foundations that are just  close enough to my skin tone or planning a trip to Korea/Japan to score some sweet make up...and then, I discovered Dreamworld Hermetica. I'm freaking ecstatic ! Here are the swatches...
Arm swatches:
It got cloudy so this is a bit dark
Face Swatches:
This was done at the same time, only the light kept shifting so I look like I have 2 different skin tones. 
Winner's Nimue I Cloud! It blended straight into my skin! I'm so amazed by what a perfect match it is!

Unfortunately, I'm reminded why I switched from a mineral foundation to my current BB cream -even though my face is still oily, I've started having dry, flaky patches. Seriously, my skin hates me. Mineral foundation tends to emphasize dry, flaky skin so I can't really wear them anymore, unless I'm going for the moulting lizard look. So while these aren't for me, I still recommend them if mineral foundations work well for you.

Blush Swatches and Reviews

So here are the swatches under naturla light:
They were supposed to be gradients...Kiss of Crimson was the easiest to blend out
From left to right: Kiss of Crimson, Deeper Than Midnight, Kiss of Midnight
Oh, and I look like I'm wrinkling my forehead in most pics..I'm not stressed, I just have a big zit that looks like a huge wrinkle. it's covered up using Make Up Store's Cover All. 

Unfortunately, I found these very hard to blend and I had to contact Ellie about it. This was the picture I sent her:

Apparently, this streaky version of Kiss of Midnight makes me look bruised, because my boyfriend freaked out when he saw me and asked me what happened.
Ellie was so quick to respond and was so helpful the whole time. I think part of the problem is that my BB cream AND my face is freaking oily, so the blushes end up draggy.

It's not totally my face's fault though. For the arm swatches, I tried creating a gradient the way I did with for my previous review of Life's Entropy's contour sticks:

And this is what happened:
I left the other 2 unblended to show how it looks like pre-blending 
I couldn't turn it into a gradient and could only do one, even blended-out patch.

With Ellie's help, these are the methods that worked for me for these blushes:

1. Blending it with my BB cream and using them like a cream blush. 
2. Using a foundation brush, pick up a bit of the blush and swirl the brush on a piece of tissue until the distribution is even and there's very little blush on the brush. Pat on bit by bit to build up until you get the gradation you want. And that's how I got my better face swatches. 

Unfortunately, as you can see from the face swatches, Kiss of Midnight is still pretty patchy. Ellie showed her awesome customer service by contacting EVERYONE who bought her blushes to check if anyone else had the same problem. Then, she made this announcement:

Screenshot taken on Oct 5, 2014. Original link here.

Seriously, Dreamworld Hermetica's customer service is AWESOME. Ellie is amazing, and deserve all my money.

UPDATE: 2h after my review went up, Ellie commented on my post and posted this:

Link to post here. Screenshot taken on 27 Oct, 2014.

UPDATE April 2015: The blushes have been reformulated, but as far as I know, no one had their defective blushes replaced/refunded, or offered compensation in any way.

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