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Friday, April 8, 2016

Tutorial: Eyeliner for Hooded Monolids / Single Eyelids

So I have hooded monolids (i.e. single eyelids with no crease, with most of my lids folding into itself), so as you can guess, this poses problems when it comes to lining my eyes, because my line disappears into my eyes as soon as I open them if I line them the mainstream way. I got asked about eyeliner placement for monolids, so I decided to do a tutorial on how I line my eyes!

I like lining my eyes with eyeshadow for a softer, more natural look, and I'm using My Pretty Zombie's Ojo De Gato for this!

1. The most important thing is to keep your eyes open for this. First, see where the outer part of your "eye line" slope downwards. I've lined this with a white dashed line on my eyes. Line the downwards sloping part, and then slope it straight outwards when you reach the corner. I've outlined the general shape of this line with the white dashed line above. It should look like the end of a gentle ski slope.

2. Now line the middle part of your eyes. I personally find going thicker in the middle (so your line looks like a squashed, upside down crescent) make your eyes look way larger. Extend the tip of the wing straight outwards. This should look kind of "weird" and way too high when you close your eyes. As you can see in 2b, the wing will not connect smoothly with your lashline and that's ok.

3. Connect the wing and semi-circle together and fill it up. When you get to the wing tip, keep opening your eyes to check how it looks as you connect it to your lashline. When I first started lining my eyes, I kept wondering why my liner always looked off and "blocky". Turns out, I can't line my eyes the mainstream way. When I close my eyes, the wing may connect to somewhere 1/4 into my lashline or look like a wavy block. Do what works for your eyes 😊

4. To get the line super sharp, I first put eye make up remover on a cotton pad and fold it in half. I angle it the way I want the bottom of my wing angled, place it at the bottom of my wing, and erase by swiping outwards. That's it!


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  3. Ignore Weezie. Great blog post! 👍