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Saturday, April 30, 2016

DIY: Lazy Highlighter-Blush-Contour Combo

Yes, I've seen the rainbow highlighter trend, and while I'm in LOVE with it, it's just not practical for my face. So what I made instead is a Highlighter-Blush-Contour Combo. Check it out!

So here's how to do it. What you'll need is just:

  • Micas/oxides of choice. I buy mine from TKB Trading, and most sample sizes cost only $1.50 for 6g. You'll definitely only need sample sizes for this. To put how much 6g is in perspective, an average eyeshadow pan contains 0.5-2g of eyeshadow, and an average blush/bronzer pan contains between 3-5g of products. So if you opted for 6 colours like me, you'll have enough for at least 14 large blush pans (since we're adding fillers too). The ones I got were:
    • Ivory Lace 
    • Sparkle Rose
    • Mermaid's Gold
    • Apple Blossom
    • Aurora
    • Cinnamon Matte Tone (I think this has been renamed to Brown Oxide Matte Tone)
With the exception of the oxide, which is $1.75/6g, everything is $1.50/6g. On hindsight, I should've nixed  Ivory Lace & Sparkle Rose, and stuck to just Mermaid's Gold, Apple Blossom, Aurora, and the brown oxide instead. So total cost for micas: $6.25-9.25.

  • Zinc Stearate. Again, a sample size is enough, but if you want to use up all 24-36g of micas & oxides, then you'll need 8-12g of this (2 sample sizes). This is $1.50/6g, and it's cheaper to get 1 oz ($2.80) than 2 sample sizes (though 2 sample sizes may be cheaper if you factor in shipping costs). So this will cost you $1.50-2.80.
  • Sericite Mica. Pick whatever you want, I went with L-Lysine since that's what's available to me. This costs $1.50/6g. While 1 sample size can get you about 3 blush pans, you'll need 16-24g of this to use up all your micas and oxides. If you need 24g, it's pretty close to 1oz (28.34g), so I'd get the 1oz option ($2.80-3.50). So this will cost you $1.50-3.50.
  • TKB Trading's MyMix Clear Pressing Medium. $2.50 for 0.5 fluid ounces. 

Total cost of project: $11.75-18.05.

Now here's how to do it….

WARNING: If you're attempting to stamp cute designs onto your pressed product, do NOT use a stamp that's smaller than the pan. I did that and everything exploded out. I only got it right in the 2nd attempt T.T

IMPORTANT: Sterilize everything.

1. Place the micas and oxides in separate small ziplock bags. Mix 2 parts sericite mica with 1 part zinc stearate.

2. Mix 1 part mica/oxide with 1 part sericite mica + zinc stearate mix.

3. Mix the pressing base with the powders until you get this clumpy, wet sand sort of texture. Make sure you add the pressing base drop by drop in so you don't get it too wet.

4. Place in layers in your pan & drown in alcohol.

5. Wait 1-2h until the mixture is nearly dry. To check if it's the right dryness, dip the tip of a tissue on it. If the tissue lifts the mixture off the pan, it's not dry enough.  When you lightly press down, this should feel compact and not squishy. If if feels squishy, you may need to add more powder in. I definitely had to:

After adding more powder, add a bit more alcohol. 

6. To press it, place a tissue (you may need 2-3 layers so it doesn't tear) or a piece of cloth over it, and push down. Make sure you press evenly. If you go to hard in the centre, everything will spill out.

7. Optional step: After you press, you can draw and stamp patterns on it! I used a stamp and a nail dotting tool to get my design!

And here's how it performs on my face! Left is unblended, right is blended:

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