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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Japan + Singapore in 12 Colours (Days 7-11)

Ok, I've really dropped the ball on this one. I had the pictures ready for ages, but just got too lazy to upload everything. So here's the rest of the pictures from my Japan trip.

Quick background: I needed to pack light for my trip, so I only brought 13 samples with me. Seems like a lot, but it's way less options than I'm used to...and being dumb, I didn't check my own swatches and ended up bringing 2 colours that are dupes of each other (Backstreet Makeup Co's Laissez-Faire & Eccentric Cosmetics' Earl). So this leaves me with only 12 colours to play with...

Here's the colours I had to work with (swatches are linked):

June 23

  • Dawn Eyes Cosmetics — Momo
  • My Pretty Zombie — Grandma Cleavage
  • Notoriously Morbid — Melancholy One

  • Backstreet Make Up Co — Laissez-Faire 
  • Dawn Eyes Cosmetics — Momo
  • Eccentric Cosmetics — Earl

Lips is Fyrinnae's Saloon Girl

June 24

  • Beauty For The Win — The Fault in Our Swatches
  • Mad Lab Cosmetics — Pearl
Lips is Fyrinnae's Saloon Girl

June 25

  • Backstreet Make Up Co — Laissez-Faire 
  • Blackbird Cosmetics — Dog Days
  • Blanche Neige — Little Mermaid 

Lips is Fyrinnae's Saloon Girl

Wow...didn't even realized I used the same lip colour 3 days in a row. Fyrinnae's Saloon Girl is so gorgeous! 

No make up for the 26th...I had to leave for the airport at 6 am T.T

June 27

  • Dawn Eyes Cosmetics — Momo
  • Life's Entropy — Enchant
  • Mad Lab Cosmetics — Pearl
  • Ten Three Labs — Electric Love
cut crease

cut crease
Lips is TKB Trading's Sparkle Rose turned into a lip gloss using Life's Entropy's Placebo

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