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Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Blooddrop's Horses of a Different Colour Collection (All 7 Scents)

I got all 7 scents from Blooddrop's Horses of a Different Colour collection from Ajevie's decants (as usual).

This is my 4th Blooddrop review, and for past reviews which discussed sillage & longevity, you can either click here, or on the tag on the right. As always, reviews are done blind until the TL;DRs are written, if any note surprises me, I discuss it in the overview.



"Amber, vanilla bean, bay rum, maple sugar, Haitian vetiver, and blood red Egyptian rose."

For the first 5 min, there's something sour and the heavier type of rose. It kinda makes me think of a heavy rose perfume spilled into a Chinese sour plum tea. The heavy rose perfume is not the Western type of grandma-ish rose. It's more of a heady, sensual rose you often get in a Middle Eastern perfume blends. There's a grassy green scent in this that's a bit bitter, but it just makes me think of grassy herbal leaves dumped into the sour plum tea. 

The grassy smell kept getting stronger until it finally dominates. Now it's just a grassy smell that kinda makes me think of barns, with a waxy smell underneath. 

TL:DR: Middle Eastern rose perfume dumped into Chinese sour plum tea. 



"Glossy blackened amber, vanilla absolute, ume blossom, black tea, black coconut, black rose, Haitian vetiver, and lavender."

Oh my god this is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of a high end mainstream perfume I once fell in love with. There's this dark luxurious and floral sort of scent with a tart fruity scent. It's has a lotion smoothness to it as well. It's just such a rich, scent. It definitely makes me think of the colour black, but not the dreary or spooky sort of black. This is a luxurious, elegant black that goes to the best social functions and oozes luxury. 

Let's be honest, only certain people can pull off this look without looking emo.
Gorgeous photography by Vicoolya & Saida

Unfortunately, the dark luxurious bit got too heady for me after about 20 min, the way the leather smell in a new car can get too heady after a while.

TL:DR: Dark, luxurious, elegant and heady.



"Teak wood, honey, black tea, butterscotch, and black musk."

There's that woody honey that I just love in this. Unfortunately, there's some cloying fruity cough syrup sort of smell mixed into it for the first 5 min or so. The fruity cough syrup starts fading but starts smelling like a purple syrup at times.

After about 7-10 min, there's this earl grey tea scent and the honey disappeared....unfortunately, that purple artificial grossness remains. The dry down is surprisingly one of those old lady musk sort of scents.

TL:DR: Artificial purple with earl grey tea.

Overview: What is causing that artificial purple smell? The black musk?



"Warm apple, cinnamon oats, cider, chestnut cream, gingerbread, nutmeg, and tangerine."

Ugh. There's a room spray orange, mixed with a creamy gourmand base. It ends up smelling like orange room spray sprayed on a creamy orange candy. And I don't know about you, but creamy orange candy doesn't appeal to me. I think I really need to avoid anything with fruit from Blooddrop. They just don't agree with me.

Someone created orange cream candy with Bible verses on them. This is a great idea. Orange cream candy is such a disgusting thing that no one will ever attempt to eat them, thus preventing the word of the Lord from being ripped up and dumped in trash cans.
Image courtesy of

I really like the dry down, which smells vaguely like a perfumed apple pie, but it only comes 1h into the scent and by then, it's pretty faint.

TL:DR: Creamy orange candy.


Dappled Grey 

"Earl grey tea, sea moss, pussy willow accord, palo santo, and grey sky accord."

When I first sniffed the vial, there's a gorgeous blue perfume scent but a clay-like base. On me, this turned into soy milk. Not the gross, clay-like "soy milk" sold in America. Actual freshly made soy milk. Unlike the American version, it's more watery, fresh with a rounded bean-like, instead of play-doh like, scent.

If you haven't tried actual soy milk before, I highly recommend it. I used to wonder why soy milk was described as gross until I went to America and tried American "soy milk". There's definitely hints of blue perfume wafting around, but it's mostly just soy milk. It ends up smelling like sipping real soy milk next to a hot guy (like the dude below) wearing a blue type of cologne...which sounds like an ideal evening for me.

Gotta introduce you guys to my new celebrity crush, Joo Sang Wook. I discovered him through a very cheesy Korean drama (that's also full of very sexist values I disagree with) called Birth of a Beauty. The show is so cheesy, but I can't stop watching it because this dude is so hot and so is his co-star Han Ye-Seul. There are so many hot people in Korea...not sure how much is thanks to their amazing plastic surgery industry though.
Image courtesy of

TL:DR: Actual soy milk.

Overview: I have no idea how that combination turned into real soy milk. I like it anyway.



"Sunny mimosa, honey, vanilla milk, Italian lemon, and white grapefuit."

Oh ew ew ew. This smells like chewable calcium supplements. The orange ones...which isn't as bad as the purple ones but still just as gross. There's also an orange gummy scent. After about 10 min, there's a searing, room-spray sort of artificial fruit that I've started to expect from Blooddrop's fruits. The cloying calcium supplements sort of chalky base is still there.

Here's a nice photo that captures all the scary artificialness of this scent.
Scary candy.
Image courtesy of Lauri Laukkanen

TL:DR: Orange chewable calcium supplements sprayed with room spray.

Overview: Another Blooddrop scent, Enchantment, has the same chewable calcium supplement scent. Here's the notes for it:

"A beguiling blend of white tea, apple cider, a squeeze of Italian lemon and fresh ginger."

Looks like the Italian lemon is the only note both of these scents have in common. I'm not sure why it ends up smelling like chewable calcium supplements, but these two are the only scents containing Italian lemon and that's the only note both scents have in common. I guess Blooddrop's Italian lemon note just doesn't agree with me?



"White wine, clean cotton, white rose, silver fir, parchment accord, and jasmine blossoms."

This starts off as a really sweet, spritzy, white wine sangria on me. Then it becomes the most amazing perfumes jasmine white tea scent that's so elegant!  By 20 min though, there's this dank weed smell...not that I've smelled dank weed before. I heard it from friends. It wasn't mine. I swear. I have no idea what's causing that dank weed smell.

Think an elegant, polished woman, sitting awkwardly in a room that once stored all the dank weed thrown out by marijuana dispensaries. It's kind of how I'd imagine a photoshoot like this would smell like:

Old abandoned building? Oh yeah, you'll smell some dank weed.
Image courtesy of Julia Skalozub
TL:DR: Elegant jasmine white tea and dank weed.

Overview: I'm guessing it's the parchment accord mixed with something else creating that dank weed smell.

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