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Monday, April 28, 2014

Tutorial: Red, Gold & Bronze Gradient Liner

So I did a gradient Red, Gold & Bronze liner the last time and thought I might as well post a tutorial.

Eye close ups. The bronze & gold are the same colour (Müse's Fae Haven), only the gold turns to this bronze-ish burnt gold over blackliner.


  1. For a clean, crisp line, put tape on your eyes, lining it with the curve of your bottom lids.
  2. Apply a brown/taupe colour and wash it out.
  3. Use a black liner and draw the line. For monolids, remember to draw with your eyes open to make sure the line peaks out of your eyes.
  4. Apply the red shadow from the outer edge of the line to halfway across your lids. I'm using Müse's Sparkle, Sweetie!, which is an iridescent pink that turns into this burnt red over the black liner.
  5. Apply the gold shadow on the other half of your lids. The gold I'm using is Müse's Fae Haven and it's a very shimmery, iridescent gold that turns into this bronze-ish, burnt gold over the black liner.
  6. Blend.
  7. Remove tape.
  8. Line outer half of the lower lashline tightly with a brown liner. I'm using Urban Decay's Bourbon.
  9. Apply gold shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and the inner half of your lower lash-line. Still using Müse's Fae Haven for this.
  10. Apply mascara. Using Fiberwig mascara layered over Maybeline's The Colossal. 

Final look!

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