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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tutorial: Sailor Uranus Inspired Wearable Eye Makeup!

I wanted to do this tutorial earlier because Haruka's one of my favourites, but unfortunately, I accidentally erased the pictures from my computer and had to go searching for it in my external hard drive. >.<

I didn't want to use fake lashes for this look, because it just feels weird adding fluttery lashes to Haruka. Plus, a bottom heavy look makes me feel badass. I went to work with this and felt badass the whole day, so I really need to channel Haruka more often. I always thought Haruka is so freaking hot. Michiru is was the girl I wanted to be with, but Haruka is the girl I wish I could be....maybe because I have non-existent driving skills (don't tell my husband I finally admit my driving's crap, because making sure you're always right totally makes a healthy marriage...). I'm using Urban Decay's eyeliner in Chaos, Make Up Store's Pollution, and Blanche Neige's Seashells.

Yellow lips because Haruka don't care! Isn't Limnit's Between the lines gorgeous??

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