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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Swatches & Recommendation: ILNP's Ultra Chrome Flakies (5 colours)

Last year, I pre-ordered ILNP's Ultra Chrome Flakies and holy crap guys. They're GORGEOUS!

2 coats over a black base.

Customer Service Review

ILNP is one of those companies that have a lot of my respect. Earlier this year, several indie companies were hit by cases of credit card information theft. ILNP didn't sweep it under the rug and quickly kept their customers updated with how they were resolving the issue. You can read the email they sent out here

I pre-ordered so I can't really comment on the TAT, but the wait time isn't that bad for the pre-order!

Pre-Order Date: Nov 14
Ship Date: Dec 6

Full disclosure, I'm used to waiting 1+ months for my stuff to arrive in Indonesia, so I've learnt to be very, very patient. 

Anyway, let's get on to more swatches:

Supernova sponged on to create a textured effect.

2 coats of Luna over Zoya's Zuza, under Pretty & Polished's Matte is Back mattifying top coat 

Close looks a bit weird matte

2 coats of Luna over Cult Nails' Feel Me Up


2 coats of Brilliance over Nails Inc's Royal Botanical Gardens

Another angle to show the shift 


  1. I think Brilliance is my favorite. So pretty. (Not that I need to add another category of indie to lust after. But nail polish!)

    1. Yes! Indie nail polish is such a terrible black hole to fall into! Brilliance ended up being my favourite too. It's even prettier IRL!

  2. Flakies are one of the finishes I go into magpie mode over. What were the shipping costs like on them? I'd love to order indie nail polishes but international shipping on bottles is usually painful :(