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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: 7 Scents from Blooddrop's Exquisite Corpse & Horse of the Carousel Collections

This is my 3rd Blooddrop review now! For the other 2 Blooddrop reviews, you can find them under the Blooddrop label on the side or here. In this review, I'm reviewing 4 scents from the Horses of the Carousel collection (here's previous review for another 7 scents from this collection) and all 3 of the Exquisite Corpse scents. I got my decants from Ajevie as usual, you should really check her decant circles out!

Blooddrop Perfume Oil General Review

Now that I've tried 23 scents from Blooddrop, I've come to the conclusion that Blooddrop is much better at florals than gourmands. Their floral blends are usually complex blends that stir your imagination and make you want to plan a photoshoot to create an ad for the scent. Meanwhile, the gourmands are nice enough, but not as impressive as the florals.

Blooddrop's fruit notes tend to be artificial fruit notes, and the kind of artificial fruits that smell more like a room scent rather than candy. It's not necessarily a bad thing. For example, I actually like the scent of artificial melons and I know people who prefer the perfumed scent of artificial apples to actual apples.

Anyway, on to scent reviews! As always, reviews are done blind until the TL;DRs are written, if any note surprises me, I discuss it in the overview.


I need to preface this by saying that the Horses of the Carousel collection just doesn't agree with me and doesn't reflect Bloddrop's quality at all. I find that a lot of the scents from this collection tend to smell straightforward, and lack the complexity that other Blooddrop scents have.

They also go searingly sweet on me, like a room spray sprayed too close to your face. I suspected this could be because they all have a note in common, so I checked the collection's description and here it is:

With the beginning of the lunar new year on January 31st, the Chinese zodiac is celebrating the year of the horse, and since it is pretty much the year of the horse every year with me, this year is going to be extra equid!
To begin this equi-centric year, I present to you The Horses of the Carousel. It is a small limited edition series that I was inspired to do consisting of magical carousel horses, each having special and unique characteristics, all ridiculously beautiful and ornate, and each one’s perfume being an over the top, delicious and gorgeously decorated cupcake.

I'm guessing their "gorgeously decorated cupcake" note hates me.


The Cauldron Horse

"Chocolate Devil’s food with a marshmallow center and pumpkin whipped cream frosting dusted with clove and a mini pumpkin on top."

Searing, sharply sweet artificial chocolate note. Er, that's it.

TL;DR: ....

Overview: Tried this again, and I think the sweetness and the artificial chocolate note just drowns out all the other more subtle notes. So all you get is just artificial chocolate.


The Falling Horse

"Vanilla cake sweetened with maple syrup, holding a hidden center of pumpkin apple butter and covered in lightly spiced butter cream frosting with a maple candy leaf on top."

I smell a burst of maple syrup but it quickly became overly sweet with something cloying underneath. After about 5 min, I can finally smell apples in this. It smells like candied apples drizzled in maple syrup with extra caramelized sugar drizzled on top. And it's a red apple for extra sweetness.

Imagine this, but 100x sweeter. Think diabetes on a stick.
Image courtesy of

 TL;DR: Diabetes served with a side of candied apples & maple syrup.


The Frozen Horse

"Angel food cake cupcake with pear compote filling and eggnog frosting dusted with pumpkin pie spice."

I smell Blooddrop's artificial pear note in this. There's something creamy mixed into it, and what smells like the artificial fried dough note that's often described by various perfumers as "funnel cake" or "doughnut". Again, the scent is searing sweet. Not the good kind, the room spray sprayed into your nose kind of searing. After 10 min, the sweetness thankfully got less searing. It still smells like an overly sweet fried pear fritter though.

TL;DR: Extremely sweet fried pear fritters


The Lantern Horse

"Pumpkin spiced angel food cake with pumpkin pie custard filling and pumpkin pie spiced whipped cream."

There's the sharply sweet fried dough scent again, like the one in The Frozen Horse. There's something else that smells coffee-like in this, only I can't really tell because the searing sweetness drowns everything else out. It's so sweet, you can practically taste it at the back of your throat.

TL;DR: Very, very sweet artificial fried dough scent.

Overview: I'm guessing Blooddrop's angel food cake note mixed with their pumpkin pie note ends up smelling like that artificial fried dough scent. 


Exquisite Corpse No. 1

"Fig, vanilla, milk chocolate, myrrh, and five year old patchouli."

Oh gods. It smells like dates or sour plums that are in Chinese medicine with patchouli...which usually smells like age & decay. It smells like one of those traditional Chinese medicine in soup form, with sour plums, dates and other tart fruits added in in a sad attempt to make it more palatable.

Does this look appetising to you? Well, it's only because you can't smell it. I bet the photographer was gagging. Or maybe it's a fake soup so the photographer can concentrate on his/her job.
Image courtesy of
The patchouli is so strong. It fills up the entire room and lingers on my skin for hours, even after I washed my arm. Ugghhh.

TL;DR: Chinese medicine soup with sour fruits in a failed attempt to make it taste less crap. 

Overview: I'm guessing the vanilla's what's going sour on me. And it looks like the patchouli spent 5 years learning how to be even more obnoxiously strong.


Exquisite Corpse No. 2

"Cold leather, black tea, forest accord, chrysanthemums, and eucalyptus."

Leather and a green-blue room scent. This is definitely a more expensive room scent that doesn't come in a spray form though. The green-blue (putting the green first because it's heavier on the green) scent is a scent that makes you think of dark green pine trees and crystalline clear waters.
Basically a scent that tries to capture this.
Photo I took in 2012 with a Sony Nex 5. This is in Banff, Canada.

These kind of scents are typically room/ambiance setting scents, which is why it makes me think of a room scent. The leather mixed in makes this a scent that reminds me of car rides in a new car that has leather seats and a very tasteful (and expensive) car perfume.

This scent's throw is really weird on me. At first, I was going to comment about how this has the furthest throw out of my Blooddrop scent because it can easily fill up a small room, but then it crashed and burned after about 10 min, and I have to sniff close to my skin to catch a whiff.

TL;DR: New car with leather seats and a tasteful pine trees & crystalline waters ambiance scent.

Overview: I tried sniffing this again and I still don't smell the icy smell eucalyptus usually comes with. I guess it's just very well blended to add to the water ambiance sort of scent.


Exquisite Corpse No. 3

"Anjou pears, hazelnut, smoke, grey musk, and carnation."

Artificial pear, searing artificial chocolate, and something edible & solid. I wonder if it's Blooddrop's coconut note? I've noticed it worked wonders as a grounding note before. 

After 10 min, it's actually a pretty nice smell. There's a subtle smokey smell, and the chocolate turned into a nutty scent. The pear bit still smells like room spray in a nice waiting room, so the resulting scent is like smelling the most delicious nutty scent while waiting in a waiting room that's smoke free, but have been smoked before thanks to a kitchen accident. 

I kinda wish I can get this exact scent, just without the pears. Blooddrop's pears tend to not work on me. 

TL;DR: Pear room spray in a previously smoked waiting room + delicious nuts. 

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